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This torrent contains a collection of 86 video clips from CrazyDoctors.com (2011). Russians, Twinks, Dads, Studs, Older/Younger, Medical Fetish, Handjob, Masturbation, Fingering, Toys, Duets, Trio. Video: 720x528, 720x576, 1280x720.

Video File List:

23_medical inspection.avi 426.23 MB
88_Mad Doctor.wmv 179.90 MB
all time at hospital.avi 291.36 MB
anal inspection.avi 266.19 MB
Anal itching.wmv 207.87 MB
anal massage.avi 383.08 MB
Anal Pulse.avi 169.53 MB
anal stimulation.avi 299.52 MB
Archie is patient.avi 323.84 MB
are you virgin.wmv 229.43 MB
be a patient.wmv 183.51 MB
boy needs a check.avi 308.50 MB
check my ANALYSIS.avi 333.93 MB
Check my body.wmv 665.83 MB
Check my virgin ass.avi 308.62 MB
Check up my horny body.wmv 582.59 MB
cock palpation.avi 228.32 MB
cock, rectum, body.avi 358.88 MB
cocks pulse.wmv 216.10 MB
complete examination.avi 202.90 MB
diagnostic of my cock.wmv 203.98 MB
Doctor into my ass.avi 138.46 MB
Doctor, check up.avi 339.71 MB
Doctor-assisted operation.wmv 182.79 MB
doctors manipulations.avi 328.10 MB
don't fear my doctor.avi 337.65 MB
Erection Angle.wmv 218.17 MB
First time check up.wmv 179.97 MB
Full survey.avi 409.26 MB
gay inspection.avi 290.74 MB
gay medical EXAMINATION.avi 164.95 MB
gay procedure.avi 237.01 MB
Gay Sex Massage part 2.avi 326.06 MB
gay TECHNOLOGIES.avi 103.68 MB
have you seen doctor.avi 340.68 MB
hemorrhoid test.avi 405.64 MB
Horny Clinic.wmv 334.41 MB
Horny doctor check up your ass.wmv 176.39 MB
i like palpation.avi 278.04 MB
IMPORTANT ANALYSIS part 1.avi 387.91 MB
IMPORTANT ANALYSIS part 2.avi 181.12 MB
Kostya went to crazy doctor.avi 266.19 MB
latent gay doctor.avi 239.83 MB
Mad doctor.wmv 636.08 MB
Make a cock massage.wmv 769.17 MB
Massage course part2.avi 372.19 MB
Massage course.avi 267.16 MB
medical consulting.avi 282.24 MB
medical examination.avi 220.42 MB
Medical Experiment.avi 355.07 MB
medical fetish at hospital.avi 369.12 MB
medical inspection.avi 259.93 MB
medical manipulations.avi 103.28 MB
Medical Operation.avi 207.59 MB
medical story.avi 368.60 MB
medical tools.avi 63.59 MB
mr Patient.wmv 695.47 MB
my big prostate.avi 85.71 MB
my doctor is MAD.avi 354.87 MB
my first examination.avi 361.55 MB
my fully test.wmv 182.94 MB
My hard fetish doctor.wmv 779.59 MB
My horny petient.wmv 804.77 MB
my patient.avi 442.00 MB
My sweet doctor.wmv 670.02 MB
no more Erection.wmv 217.88 MB
no more Fordyces spots.wmv 208.85 MB
no more pain.avi 210.88 MB
patient from army.avi 368.03 MB
Patient waiting for pleasure.wmv 142.02 MB
Penis, hypospadias.wmv 196.92 MB
Penis, inflammation.wmv 209.42 MB
physical examinations.avi 313.84 MB
problem with Ejaculation.wmv 204.44 MB
sex massage.avi 316.72 MB
show me your anal hole.avi 264.28 MB
take me.avi 144.15 MB
to examine young boy.avi 335.26 MB
usual test.avi 285.83 MB
virgin ass.avi 137.27 MB
virgin patient.avi 261.81 MB
Visit hospital first time.wmv 731.70 MB
young patient.avi 153.21 MB

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