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MB - Elder Berry & Elder Titov SNOOPING AROUND

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DescriptionNow that handsome, young Elders Berry and Titov are out of danger, the brethren would like to talk to them about their experience. But when the two hot Mormon boys get to the bishop’s office and knock on his door, there’s no response.

“Let’s poke our heads in,” Elder Berry says.

Elder Titov protests, but Elder Berry opens the door and sticks his head in. They have the room to themselves, and Elder Berry sees a familiar object. He steps into the room and points out the priesthood stretchers — two benches lined with dildos of increasing size.

“I can’t believe it,” he says. “It’s the same thing.” He touches the tip of one of the dildos with a finger, remembering how scared he was when he first saw it in a dark basement… Elder Titov reaches down and plays with one of them, too. Just seeing the bench, he can feel all over again the fat dildo sliding up his tight ass.

The elders snoop around the bishop’s desk, which has a soft top and a metal rail around the perimeter. “This is a weird desk,” says Elder Titov, while Elder Berry opens one of the drawers and pulls out a small box. Inside the box is a big floppy dildo. The bishop seems to be some kind of pervert. Elder Berry plops the dildo down on the desk with a laugh. “What’s this?”

Elder Titov sits down. He finds all of this confusing. Elder Berry smirks. “Clearly the brethren are ok with what’s going on. Otherwise they would have come and rescued you.”

Elder Titov is silent. He has always had unshakable faith, and it’s hard for him to believe his priesthood leaders could be involved in the sadistic sexual humiliation he underwent. But he doesn’t know what to make of all these sex toys in the bishop’s office.

“You know, when I got back here to the mission home, they had me take my clothes off and used one of these on me.” He has a huge smile on his face. “I liked it.”

Elder Titov leans forward in his chair. “What do you mean, you liked it?”

Now that Elder Titov has heard about his hot companion taking a dildo up his ass, he wants to see it for himself. He can picture the boy’s tight little butthole opening up and swallowing the fat cock. His own dick is starting to get hard. Elder Berry suctions the dildo to the desk. “I’ll show you. You’ll like it too.” Elder Berry stands up and starts to take his clothes off. Elder Titov is a little shocked — the bishop could come back at any moment. Then again, the office is full of sex toys.

“What are you doing?” he hisses at Elder Berry, who just smiles and keeps going. He sets his jacket down, then takes his companion’s tie off. Elder Titov sits still, unsure what to do. He lets Elder Berry unbutton his shirt, letting his eyes travel down his chest to his crotch. Then he reaches out and pulls off his belt. Elder Berry pulls him to his feet and takes his shirt off. It’s hard for him to believe how hot his companion is. His abs look like they are sculpted in stone. He looks back at Elder Berry with those puppy dog eyes, and Elder Berry impatiently opens up the boy’s pants. He shoves a hand down the front and wraps his fingers around his hard dick. “I knew you’d like it,” he says with a smile. As he plays with his companions cock, he reaches into his own pants and gropes his own boner. He slides his companion’s pants to the floor, and then drops his own.

Elder Titov lifts up his garment and gives his companion a look at his perfect body. Elder Berry gently strokes his dick, then strips off his own shirt, revealing his lean torso and the sprinkling of hair on his belly. Elder Titov can’t resist the urge to put his hand on his companion’s dick, and Elder Berry returns the favor. As they grope each other, Elder Berry grins. “That feels good, and I haven’t even shown you this toy yet.” He hands a toy over. “Here, hold this.”

Elder Titov holds the dildo in his hands while Elder Berry squirts lube on the other, drops his garment bottoms and lies down on the desk. He strokes his fat dick as he teases his hole with the toy. Elder Titov watches the head of the toy press against his companion’s asshole, totally transfixed. Slowly, Elder Berry pushes it into his ass, moaning as it enters him. Elder Titov, remembering how it feels, and seeing the pleasure on his companion’s face, is getting very turned on. Elder Berry pushes it in deeper, taking a deep breath.

“Does it really feel good?” Elder Titov asks innocently. “When I was on the board, it didn’t feel that good.”

“You just have to relax,” Elder Berry says, feeling a little dizzy with pleasure. He really wants to see his companion take one up his ass too. He figures the only way to convince him is to show him how much fun it is. Elder Titov sits down and plays with his dick, his eyes locked on his companion. The dildo is really long, and Elder Berry pushes it all the way in and leaves it there for a second. He strokes his dick and thinks about Elder Titov feeling what he’s feeling. At his command, Titov takes off his garment bottoms and teases his hole with the toy. The head is cold and slippery, and it feels weird against his butt. Weird, but good. He applies a little pressure, and pulls out his chubby.

“Show me your ass,” Elder Berry says, and Titov turns around. Looking at his tight butt gets Berry really hard. He’s stuffing himself with the dildo and jerking hard. The sounds Elder Titov makes as he feels the toy just beginning to enter his hungry hole make Berry feel crazy with lust. He closes his eyes and rides the edge just for a second, and then he can’t control it any longer. With a load groan he feels a load of cum explode from his hard dick.

The sight of all that cum makes Elder Titov’s balls ache. Elder Berry smiles, sits up and puts a hand on the dildo. It’s time for Elder Titov to see just how good it can feel. He gently begins to press it into his ass…

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