[Gay War Games] - Alik

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My first torrent - hopefully everything will work.

Download contains part 1-3 incl. videos and pics



Finally a place to sleep. Warm and dry. Alik has been looking for such a place a long time. He wants to leave the city but at the moment it´s too dangerous here in the outskirts of Novo Sazky. There is still fighting going on in the streets. But finally he has a place to stay. Just two days before a small group of upset citizens was looting his small shop. He is an ethnic Tchatnik, one out of the minority that is now forming the rebel lines and sieging the city. And that little business was all he ever archived. Laying down with a bottle of whiskey he soon falls asleep on his air bed.

Just half an hour later Mecko and Becko storm the deserted house. When they reach the attic they too are looking for a new shelter. “It´s safe in here”, Mecko says, and both guys start to make themselves feel comfortable.

What kinda noise is that, Alik wonders, as he eavesdrops on the guys chat. Then suddenly a noise again. Oh shit. He toppled over the bottle next to his air bed. “Who´s there?” Mecko and Becko discover the guy and run to his hiding place. Alik appears to be a strong guy but he is too afraid to resist the armed soldiers. It´s no big deal for them to overpower him. Soon his arms get tied. Then Mecko climbs the wooded bar to fix a rope. The soldiers use it to gag and tie him at the same time.

“Well built body”. Mecko is touching the guy´s muscular stomach. “Really well built.” Becko starts to slap Alik in his face again and again. “Who are you?” But that question was rather rhetoric as their poor victim was gagged by now and far too terrified to answer at all.

Becko is ripping the young guys shirt as they discover a nipple-piercing. Strange, Mecko thinks, as he had never seen before something like that on a man´s body. He starts to fondle and really pulls on it fiercely. What a pain. What a disgrace. But that will be just the beginning.

They take down their victim´s pants and take a good peak at his hole. “Damn, look his arse, that guy is a virgin no more” Mecko laughs out loud. “He is a gay guy, a fag, you know what we gonna do with fags?”

Alik was frightened to death hearing that as Becko starts to spit right into his hole. “We have a gift for you” and the poor guy just feels the cold touch of a big dildo striking his ass.

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