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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-08-09 |

Perhaps the distributors have heard our shouts about their practice of using lower standards when they rip our movies and put them out for sale.

Maybe they finally started hiring Gay men to do the work.

Or maybe the competition is getting more aggressive and they are trying to stay ahead of the game.

Whatever the reason, I'm happy with the results.

And I have coveted this one for a very long time, believe me!
I'm the one who had a "thing" for blonds when I was figuring out what I was and wanted.
And Ken Owens (who I do in a Romulan Moment!) reminds me very much of one of the boiz who was around when "the light" was just coming on in both heads.

If you'd like a sneak peek, you can view the preview I made - bearing in mind that I have to reduce the size for streaming - streamed from my own site here: hxxp://tinyurl.com/bllo-fmco-prvw-stream
The higher quality AVI version however is included with the download.

Info below, details in the NFO file (for the techies!). Not my rip either, but I would be proud if it was!



Blond Lovers AKA Study in Sex; Blond Lovers [Filmco Video-Bacchus]




Pre-condom. Cum-eating. All well hung guys. Keith Hilton and David Jenkins show each other their 9 inches. After some kissing and sucking, Keith fucks David doggy-style. Keith licks his cum off of David's back. Hi licks David's balls as he cums. After some kissing and oral sex, Ken Owens (box-right) sits on Tony Lewis' big cock. He rides the cock until exploding on Tony's chest. Tony continues fucking spreading Ken's butt cheeks for a better view. He cums on Ken's freshly fucked hole. Brunets matt Easton and Rob Taylor kiss, suck and rim and then Matt gets on all fours and Rob sticks his ock in. Rob and Matt fuck more on the grand piano. They both cum on Matt. Jed Vidal gives Alan a massage. Things get hot and they kiss and suck each other. Jef pokes handsome Alan cumming on his ass. In a bonus solo, Michael shows you his butthole before cumming.


1. Blond Sex Buddies
Keith Hilton, David Jenkins

For this movie we have put 2 of our most popular blond models together. Keith Hilton and David Jenkins. The guys have just finished doing their exercises, when they decide to do some "exercises" on each other. Keith suck on David's big cock to turn him on, then turns him over and screws him with his own big cock. David turns over and jacks off, while Keith licks his balls. David shoots all over his flat stomach. An excellent film with 2 of our most popular, hung blond models.

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2. Blond Lovers (short)
Ken Owens, Keith Hilton

This film stars one of our most popular modes ever – Keith Hilton, along with newcomer Ken Owens. These two blond guys have been sleeping when the telephone rings, it's time for Keith to go to work. But Ken grabs him and starts kissing him. Soon both guys' hard cocks are rubbing against each other. Needless to say Keith decides to stay home. Ken then sucks on Keith's big cock then he straddles Keith so Keith can suck Ken's cock. Ken cums all over Keith's chest. Then Ken sits on Keith's big cock and gets a really good fucking. Keith then cums all over Ken's tender ass. The two kids then kiss and embrace each other.
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3. Get It On
Larry, John

Larry and John are relaxing in John's bedroom just bull shitting about sex. John decides it's time for some action, since he has had his eye on Larry for some time now. He starts undressing Larry, as he does, he notices Larry's hard cock sticking up through his undershorts. Soon these two horny young guys are sucking on each other's hard cocks but John really prefers to fuck so he bends Larry over so he can put his hard throbbing cock into Larry's young tight ass. John fucks Larry so hard that they have to move to a table for more support. Great cum shots of both of these super good looking guys shooting their loads. An excellent film. No stills are available from this film.
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4. Tony and Bill
Tony Lewis, Bill

Setting: On a flowered couch, paitins on the wall
Model 1: Hair: dk brown long, smooth, trim, bicep tattoo.
Model 2: Hair: lt brown medium, smooth trim
Action: Both guys naked, their hands meet on 1's crotch. 2 sucks 1. They both stand and kiss. 1 sucks 2 who comes on his face. 2 bends over and 1 stands to fuck him slowly. 1 comes on 2's back. 1 wipes him off with some clothing. They kiss to end the film.


Tony, a sweet-looking street kid, asks Bill to rub his sore back, but the feel of Bill's crotch against his butt is too much for him, and when he rolls over, they both discover he has a raging hard-on. It's soon taken care of, however, and both boys enjoy a hot climax.
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(Adult Video News)

The first two titles in Filmco's West Hollywood Exclusives, a series of 60-minute sell-through tapes compiled of short features from the company's early catalogue, are of interest primarily to collectors and the over-30 crowd who enjoy nostalgia even in their X-rated films. The quality of the transfers is consistently high and the final product at least as technically sound as the most polished shot-on-video feature.

The shorts themselves are uneven, with both collections containing one gem in an otherwise mediocre setting. The threeway is the highlight of Study in Sex, while Blond Lovers (a misnomer, since not all the actors are blond) contains a memorable segment involving two actors who call to mind Andrew Marvell's "amorous birds of prey." These guys go after each other with a ravenous intensity that is quite impressive. If all shorts were of equal quality, the titles would be treasure troves; as it is, they are still good buys for the money.

(Bijou Video)

The title notwithstanding, these blond and brunet lovers are knockouts as sexual performers. They're not classically handsome, but sexy looking, streetwise hustler types from West Hollywood. Can you imagine young, macho, tattooed guys who enjoy kissing, giving good head, eating out ass, then blasting off after energetic butt fucking? These old films don't show safe sex, but their spirit could be combined with today's safer practices. If you've been missing passionate, affectionate, uninhibited, gay-positive lovemaking more common in older films, it's all here.

"The quality of the transfers is consistently high and the final product at least as technically sound as the most polished shot-on-video feature." - Adult Video News

These long-haired, skinny studs with long, red, stiff dicks like kissing, sucking, and fucking other guys like themselves. As gay lovers, this "white trash" (along with a Latin couple) sure out-classes uptight middle-class men who more usually appear in gay videos.

Stars: Alan, Bill Lewis, David Jenkins, Jed Vidalm John, Keith Hilton, Ken Owens, Larry, Matt Bradley, Matt Easton, Rob Taylorm, Tony Lewis

Director: Mike Haggerty

Released: 1989


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