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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-11-30 |
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Studio: Jet Set Men
Release Year: 2007
Format: avi
Duration: 1:45:01
Video: 432x320, DivX 5, 1292kbps
Audio: 187kbps

"Doggie Style" finally brings to the forefront one of the best-kept secrets of the cruising world: the dog. I'm sorry, cat people, but dog owners have the upper hand here. They can take their beloved pooches out and cruise until the poor doggie's paws are ready to fall off. In that time, any number of hot men can pretend to admire the dog while nabbing the phone number of its owner. Well, why not go a step further and see what happens next? Thankfully, it's great sex, phenomenal sex, and the pun title isn't an exaggeration. Do you ever hear anyone fucking his man "kitty-style"?
Lovers Shane Collins and Derek Cruz wake up early one morning (to the sound of barking dogs), and though Shane wants to fool around, Derek wants to go back to sleep. So, luscious brunet Shane, with a perfect muscular body and a tight butt, true leading man material, goes to take a shower. Derek sends Shane off to the dry cleaner where Shane sees a cute abandoned dog looking for a home. The pup is sick, so he calls Derek to find the address for the nearest animal hospital, which may make him late for his super important meeting. Vet Travis Carlson proclaims the dog, which Shane instantly names Boner, "a mess" because of all his problems. The day gets worse when Shane arrives late for his meeting and is unceremoniously fired by a note left in the conference room.

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