♺ Sweet & Raw - Timothy Nixon & Marco Bill

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Original upload: 2012-11-14 |
When Timothy Nixon runs into his friends at an outdoor cafe they invite him to join them. They start to catch up on their lives and soon Timothy tells them about a hot bareback encounter with Marco Bill. We then see Tim in a bed, as it happened, as Marco walks in and starts to play with his ass. Tim wakes up and the young men kiss and grope each other. Soon, Tim releases Marco�s beautiful fat cock and slobbers on the big, uncut meat. Timothy sucks him like a hungry pig and the twinks soon wind up in a 69 position. Timothy and Marco suck each other but Marco starts working Timothy�s balls with a frenzy. Shortly after, Marco dives for Timothy�s eager hole with gusto and rims the puckered entrance as if his life depended on it. He lies Timothy on his side and works his fat dick into the slender young man�s sweet raw hole. Marco gives hungry twink the bareback fuck of his life before fucking him doggy style, pulling out and spurting a huge load of jizz all over the freshly fucked hole. Timmy then squirts his own load all over Marco�s face and the bareback sex addicts men share a sticky wet kiss before falling asleep.
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