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Elder Sorensen - Bonds of Brotherhood (with President Oaks)

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DescriptionElder Sorensen is only one thick load of cum away from the final step in his ordination.

Sorensen has been an exemplary initiate. He has obediently sucked and fucked and serviced the Brethren for months, and he has loved every minute of it. But today, he is nearing the end of his initiation, and today is a very crucial step on the journey.

After being led into the Seed Chamber by President Oaks, the handsome head of the Order, Sorensen dropped to his knees and took the man’s pulsing dick in his mouth. He was so grateful to have the root of this man’s power sliding to the back of his throat.

But now, it is time for President Oaks to bond Sorensen to him, forever.

Oaks, the charismatic daddy, lies on the bed and commands Sorensen to take his powerful rod inside of him.

“Prove to me, how much you want to join. Show me how much you want to be with us.”

When he sits atop President Oaks’ massive cock, Sorensen can feel his tight little hole being stretched to its limits. But the pain is quickly overridden by the extreme pleasure of knowing that he is so close to being deemed worthy of becoming one of the Brethren. The young boy also loves knowing, that he is giving the hot President everything he desires.

President Oaks holds the boy’s slim hips in his hands and guides him up and down on his dick. Sorensen feels Oaks balls slap against his ass. Sorensen’s own dick throbs as he catches the eye of the muscular and stoic President Nelson who is watching the whole thing.

Sorensen wants these men to know how much he respects them, that he’ll be a good boy and do anything they ask him to do. When President Oaks flips him onto his back and lifts the boys legs high above his head, Sorensen is filled with desire.

Oaks massive cock goes even deeper in Sorensen, now, deeper than any man has ever been. And Elder Sorensen can see how much the man is enjoying himself and the power he has over the small, tight body before him. Oaks moans and thrusts harder and harder.

“I’m going to fill your ass with my seed.” President Oaks cries out. “And you are going to take every drop.”

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