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David is a good Samaritan ( he actually looks like a boy scout) and while helping his elderly neighbor remove leaves from the storm gutters on her house, he lost his footing and fell off of the ladder. Luckily, the bushes surrounding her house partially cushioned his fall but he is still in a bit of pain as a result of this mishap. He is at the office to get checked out and seeking relief from his discomfort. After he explained his story, I have him remove his shoes and socks and to relocate to the exam table.
To begin his exam, I state that I will need him to remove his shirt and as it is painful for him to lift his arms, I assist with the removal of his shirt. While David moved to the table with relative ease, I thought it best to do a complete examination to be sure that nothing was seriously wrong with him. His breathing was regular yet labored a bit. To examine his lower extremenities required the removal of his pants and in his current condition, I elected to help him with the removal of those as well.
With the removal of his pants, the exam continues and even though he is experiencing pain from his fall from the ladder, his penis responds to my touch and becomes fully aroused. Settling David into position on the table to distribute his body weight, I perform an internal examination as my lubricated finger probes his anus. While my finger works for an initial exploration, I elect to employ the anoscope for a deeper inspection of my injured patient. Buried to the hilt, the anoscope is rotated and then slowly withdrawn as it exerts sustained pressure as it is removed.
Relief from pain comes in many forms and for David's best interest, I elect to provide him with massage therapy on all areas of concern. Aloe Vera gel is applied to nourish and allow smooth movement across both his hirsute and smooth areas of his body. The dark hairs on his buttocks absorbed the Aloe Vera and on his shaved pubic area is absorbed through the skin soothing irritation from shaving. When applied to his penis, it becomes a nourishing lubricant which further excites David. As the excitement builds, his scrotum moves tight against the base of his penis signaling his impending ejaculation. When it happens, he coats my hand and sprays all over his genitals.

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