ActiveDuty - Will, Chase & Johnny

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DescriptionHey Troops,

I've said it before, every shoot is an adventure where anything can happen (and usually does!), and this case is no different.  We start out simple 'nuff: three tasty studs, each lookin' to get his dick wet and explore new territory.  Will is returning here after having his first experience with a dude when he hooked up with Ivan James.  I'm certainly not surprised to see him back.  Ivan did such a great job of making Will feel comfortable, I knew Will would be back, salivating for fresh cock.  We also have Chase this time, a recruit that has earned his nickname and reputation as the troop "Wildman." Chase fucks like a demon on acid and if you don't believe me, take a look at the damage he did to Dominic's sweet ass!  And the cockfiend himself, Johnny, is back to get his fill and make a couple new friends.  He recently got to mix things up with Quentin Gainz and I don't know if you caught that one, but my GOODNESS did Quentin show this sweet recruit how a real veteran gets things done.

So like I said, nobody ever really knows how things are gonna turn out, especially when we start out with THREE soldiers ready to heat things up.  After a brief pep talk from Squad Commander Claude (famously of the Claude Squad, but that's a WHOLE other discussion), the boys strip down and don't waste much time gettin' down to biz. 

All three guys are nice and hard right from the get go, so Chase steps up with some serious initiative and plants his lips around Johnny's thick hog.  Will follows suit and gets into some deep sucking on Chase's throbbing dong.  Johnny, at this point relaxes and enjoys the ride...for now.  Claude does some nice work here, getting low so we can see the sharp skill Chase displays, taking Johnny's happy cock down his throat like a warrior.  And Will does very well bringing up the caboose, keeping Chase satisfied as he works on Johnny's knob. 

The guys switch directions and Will gets to kick back for a little while as Johnny takes on Chase's fat dick and Chase swings over to Will's stiffy.  At this point, we catch some great moments where Johnny displays his progress, licking, jerking and sucking Chase's meat like a serious cadet who's eager to learn and grow as a valuable member of the AD team.  And Chase, of course, handsomely rewards sweet Will for his excellent work just minutes before.

Johnny decides to add some variety by walking over to the end of the couch and letting Chase continue blowing him while Johnny stands.  Will goes to his knees and gets some more of Chase's sweet cock.  And this is where things get interesting.  Johnny, somewhere around this point, received a phone call informing him his girlfriend was on her way home.  Now Johnny was operating under the idea that his girlfriend would be out of town for several more days.  So unfortunately, Johnny had to split unexpectedly.  But when a soldier is eliminated from the battlefield, his team continues in his honor, and in this case, with ever greater vigor.  "What the fuck happened to him?" Chase questions, just after Johnny takes his exit.  Will, with a mouthful of hard cock, simply shrugs, and the two crank up the intensity. 

Will stands up and leans over the couch, presenting his tight hole to Chase.  Chase gladly slides his fat dick into that tender pocket and works up to his signature frenzied pace.  Now Will is not used to being fucked at all, especially to a fast-jamming meat pole like the one on Chase.  Even Claude suggests Chase take it easy.  But "taking it easy" for Chase is like delivering the drilling of a lifetime for most other dudes.  Sorry, Will!  At least nothing'll scare you too bad from here on out!

After an incredible pounding from behind, Will goes to his back, still up against the couch, and let's Chase ram him even HARDER!  Claude gets down and dirty, right underneath the penetration to show us just how beautiful Chase's massive cock looks fucking Will's inexperienced ass. 

The guys move to a more practical and comfortable spot on the couch and Chase literally fucks the cum out of Will.  This adventure showed me that these two are willing to roll with the punches, take what cums, and still work their way to an incredibly explosive finish.  This one will remain memorable for the unexpected twist, but I think moreso for the intensity and passion Chase and Will slammed down and LEFT on the table, still steaming long after they exited the building.  Bravo, boys!
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