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DescriptionSketchy Sex is a brand new site that follows the sex lives of three room mates who share a house. They met while working in gay porn and decided to move in together. They say they're addicted to big cocks, and they only take them raw. And the site says that they spend most of their days hunting on the Net for anonymous hook-ups. The sex looks pretty raunchy, so let's head inside and take a look.

The guys on Sketchy Sex are in their twenties; some are smooth with athletic bodies, others are a bit more well defined. And there are some whopping big cocks here, including one 11 incher that I really loved. I can't really tell which of the guys are housemates or just visiting for sex because the video descriptions don't give a lot of details and many times the guys aren't named. I did recognize three or four of the guys from other gay porn sites, so this seems to live up to the site's theme. But while the site says these three guys are bottoms, sometimes they fuck, too. I think you have to approach Sketchy Sex as a fantasy: what would it be like if three horny and sex-addicted roommates lived together and trolled the Internet for anonymous hook-ups?

The videos open with the guys pretty much right in the middle of their latest sex romp. Sometimes the doorbell will ring and someone is invited in, sometimes a roommate walks in on his buddy having sex and films or joins in, but other times a video just opens with a guy on his knees getting his ass pumped. The sex is bareback - no condoms are used - and there's lots of POV and gonzo-style filming, so there's plenty of close-up action of big dicks sliding down hungry throats or pounding juicy butt holes. And the sex ends with guys getting their holes bred or eating cum, sometimes both. Regardless of whether the site's description is true or not, the sex is dirty, fun and hot to watch.

In a lot of the videos while one housemate is getting screwed, another is sitting at the other end of the couch cruising on his laptop for another player to come over to the house. Most of the action is guy-on-guy, but there are a couple of threeways; like I said, in a few of the videos another guy will be in the room jacking his cock, cruising the Net, or even joining in.

We last visited Sketchy Sex 11 months ago, and there are now 55 videos, 24 more than there were on our last visit, and the site is adding two videos each month. The videos are streaming Flash and display at 970x550. The vids come in four speeds from low to HD and the picture quality improves with each version. You can view the videos in full-screen mode, but I found they didn't hold up so well. I was quite happy streaming the HD version. The videos are not available for download. And I had no trouble viewing these movies on my Android tablet. I found the videos captured the amateur quality the site is trying to portray and the lighting and sound were good. There are no picture galleries on the site.

Are there any issues at Sketchy Sex? There weren't any deal breakers in my book. A couple issues include a pre-checked email offer on the join page and a pre-selected email offer on the billing page that will also sign joining members up to receive emails. Be sure to read the offers before you join to see if you want to leave them checked/selected.

For me the only disappointment is that I like the idea of three roommates filming their horny, anonymous hook-ups, but I don't find the site does a good job of letting us know who the players are. They could do a much better job of playing up the real-life aspect with some better bios and more detailed descriptions. The site's initial offering of videos was filmed in February 2013, but the site didn't open until December, so whether these guys continue with the site as it grows is something we'll have to wait and see. Eli is still there, for starters.

One final thing that I want to clarify is that for some "sketchy" can mean guys who are partying or using drugs while cruising for and having sex. I didn't see any of that here. Sketchy Sex is about guys who love sex anywhere and anytime. One guy drops to his knees right inside the doorway, another gets screwed on the stairs, another in the kitchen. The guys don't use condoms and they're not squeamish about sharing dicks either, so after getting his ass screwed on the couch, one roommate takes a break to cruise on his cell phone while his buddy finishes off the top with his ass and mouth. So on this site "sketchy" means anonymous, dirty, and raunchy.

I like Sketchy Sex and think it shows a lot of promise. It reminds me of some wild weekends my partner and I have had over the years. The sex here is raw and nasty with lots of dirty talk and good POV and gonzo camera work so you get in good and close to see those big dicks servicing holes. The participants are pretty hot and there are quite a few very well-hung guys playing in these videos. I'm glad to see the site's growing, and definitely looking forward to seeing more of these three horny housemates and their sexcapades at Sketchy Sex.
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