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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2008-09-02 | In a gray chamber, bald master Murphy unchains boys Ross and Bishop. They don leather vests and jockstraps. After kisses all around, Murphy ties a bowling pin to Bishop's balls with a sneaker shoestring. Ross sucks Bishop's tattooed dick stiff enough for Murphy to stick "sounds" down its pisshole.

Ross, called "Buttboy," gets a chromium plug up him. Murphy removes the bowling pin from Bishop's balls and puts an ass-spreading device on him. Ross licks Bishop's balls from behind. Murphy spanks Bishop with a perforated paddle, making his pale buns shocking pink.

Murphy binds Bishop to a tabletop and drips hot candle wax on his genitals, then pulls the plug from Ross and has Ross bounce on Bishop's dick. Murphy lightly lashes Ross' back.

Bishop gets to stick an electrified butt-plug up Ross which emits shocks to make Ross' anus contract and expand so the butt-plug fucks him automatically. Murphy regulates the strength of the shocks. Ross barks like a dog as the voltage increases. Bishop comforts him when the ecstatic ordeal is over. Murphy fucks Ross with the smaller end of the bowling pin while Ross sucks Bishop's dick and yelps. Ross sticks four fingers up his own ass. Bishop fucks Ross in three positions. At last Murphy fucks the buttboy. The boys are allowed to masturbate and eat their own and each other's loads, and smear Murphy's on his belly. Then they're manacled to the wall again.

But here comes muscular Master Knight to dog-collar, cage, and face-fuck naked Ross. He lifts Bishop's legs to eat the boy's very furry hole voraciously. He lets Ross rim it through the cage wire, and then eat Bishop's cock while Knight fucks Bishop. He uncages Ross so the two can suck him front and back. He fucks Ross briefly. He and Bishop drop candle wax on Ross's ass. Ross bounces on Bishop's dick again. The three jack. Ross screams as if cumming is the most painful thing yet.

CBT demo video is a fourteen-minute cock and ball torture lesson.

Two young men journey together into a world of leather and submission. The pair experience pleasure, pain, tears, pushed limits, and, most of all, a bond with each other.

Starring: Pete Ross, Tony Bishop, Duncan Murphy, Bo Knight, Tom Braddock
Directors: Scott Morris, Gord Reece, Frank Parker

So, I've been on this San Francisco Fetish Factory (Pumphouse Media, Factory Video, etc.) kick for a little while, and I think that I have figured out why I like them. They're fun! 

Their movies involve bondage play that is 100 percent bondage, but still looks playful and fun. Don't get me wrong -- there is still confinement, domination, restraint, brief periods of pain, teasing, leather, role-playing, and etcetera -- but it never gets dark or scary.

In Good Boys, there is a sweetness in the sweat.  Two young men, passing their boundaries, with a hard-hunky experienced master to guide them.

There is an ISO version already up, but I thought folks might want a smaller version

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