Caleb Locke & Tyrese Reed

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Tyrese walks into the room to see what's wrong with Caleb. It turns out that Caleb has sprained his ankle. As Tyrese tries to take a look and see how he can handle it, the boys become more attracted to each other. Their shirts fall off and Tyrese catches himself sucking Caleb's cock. Caleb loves it and returns the favour by getting on his knees and sucking Tyrese.
Tyrese knows exactly the right thing to treat Caleb, so he bends him over and starts pounding him like a puppy. Caleb loves Tyrese's cock inside him and quickly forgets about the pain he is feeling. Caleb gets on his back and lets Tyrese pound him some more before the guys pops a weight. Now Caleb is feeling much better.
2021-11-12 14:43:11
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