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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-01-19 |
2 photosets from Alexboys of their model who goes by the name of Akilo.

Akilo will probably appeal to fans of Ugo from the site Teens-Boys-World. Whilst of legal age, just like Ugo, he looks very young, so please don't bother downloading if you don't like your lads to look young.

In truth he's too young looking for my tastes, but I downloaded him so I could upload him here in order to appeal one last time to TBW fans to vote if they want me to upload TBW's equally young looking new model, Andy (details below).

I have created a collage of some pics of Andy, so you can check if you like the look of him. Though if Akilo and TBS's Ugo are too young looking for your tastes, then I suggest not bothering to download Andy's pic.


You can also find 4 more pics of him on pages 5 & 6 of the Fantasy Teens-Boys-World Game:


In order to encourage Fantasy Game readers to take the milliseconds(!) that it takes to cast their votes for the fantasies that they like, I have stated that I will upload Andy's gallery only if at least 7 people vote for at least 5 fantasies in the game (1 of which should be a scenario involving Andy). To vote simply click on the "thumbs up" icon below the 5 or more scenarios that you like (1 of which should be a fantasy involving Andy - there are 5 of these at the time of writing, again on pages 5 & 6). When deciding which fantasies to vote for, please check the fantasies posted by Fantasy Game players OTHER THAN me. (You're welcome to vote for my scenarios if you like them, but I am particularly keen to see other players getting the votes that they deserve for their excellent and sometimes very horny ideas).

Please note that voting is largely anonymous - what I mean by that is other users of gtru *cannot* see which particular posts you have "liked". They can only see which users have posted discussions that you have liked, but they cannot see what those discussions were (or indeed what forums they were in). They can however see the number of "likes" that any post has received, but not which users clicked on the "like" (aka "Thumbs up") icon for that post).

If you have questions or concerns about voting, please send me a private message.

At the time of writing, only 2 people need to vote to get Andy's gallery uploaded. Whilst that might not seem like a big ask, knowing the masses who read the Fantasy Game without ever casting a single vote, 2 votes short is as good as "never going to happen" UNLESS *YOU* CAST YOUR VOTES NOW . There have been over 1200 views of the Fantasy Game (more than any other thread in the forum) and only 5 people have cast their votes so far, so you can't rely on anyone else to do your voting for you.

Only 2 Days Left to See Andy's Photo Gallery!

If you have not already voted, you have only 2 days left in which to place your vote. After that I will not count any votes as valid votes for Andy's gallery to be uploaded (although of course you can continue to vote to show your appreciation for those fantasies that turn you on).

Remember that there was a period of well over a year when no-one uploaded any new TBW material on gtru. Also be aware that TBW state on their homepage that they use a hidden content system to identify members who publicly share their material - this scares the vast majority of members from ever sharing TBW galleries and videos. In other words if you want Andy and fail to vote for his gallery to be uploaded, you risk the chance of never getting to see his gallery.

Want More Alexboys Material

If, rather than TBW's Andy (or even as well as Andy), you want me to upload some more Alexboys material, then please do at least one of the following:

click the button to say "thanks" (very easy)

leave a comment to personally say "thanks" (very polite)

kindly give me some of your seed bonus (very generous)

add a fantasy (or few) to the Fantasy Teens-Boys-World Game (very horny)

To add your own fantasy to the Fantasy TBW Game, click here:


Your fantasy can be as short or as long as you want. Single sentence fantasies are welcome. As are full steamy and/or romantic scenes, as are continuing stories! You can include any relevant horny pics with your fantasy, but this is not necessary. Just remember, if including boys who are not TBW models, to say where your boys are from (eg which porn studio, TV program, or boyband, etc).

Oh and YOU can be the first to  add an Alexboys cutie to the list of dreams - imagine the thrill in doing that :-P

'Thank You's

Thank you in anticipation of those of you who generously shower me with your seed love, lol. Your seed gifts of any size are greatly received. :)

Thank you also to Akilo - I'm guessing fans of TBW's Ugo will particularly appreciate this boy's charms.

Consider saying "thank you" to Alexboys by subscribing to their site. In tough economic times small porn sites like this need your help if they are to survive. It's good to share stuff freely from time to time, but we should all take out paid memberships of the sites we love from time to time as well (assuming that we can afford it and we live in a country where it is safe to do so). And THANK YOU for listening to my sermon, lol.

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