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Brodie Fisher vs Colton Palmer
The teen bodybuilder Brodie has made quite an impact here at Rock Hard, with his impressive physique and the ability to adapt quickly to ring wrestling. He’s chalked up some impressive victories against Josh Steel and Jason Kane, while also teaming up with the superstar Austin Copper in one match and Josh Steel in another, gaining victories in both contests. His confidence in the ring grows by the minute, and is afraid of nobody. Rookie Colton comes to Rock Hard with more experience as a boxer and MMA fighter than wrestler. He’s 6’1”, 175lbs of lean muscle, and hails from a small town in the deep South. He’s had some success in the cage, and is anxious to test his skills against the world class roster here at Rock Hard. Round one opens with Colton in the ring doing some shadow boxing, showing off his skills in the ring. Brodie climbs through the ropes in his signature red trunks and black boots, asking ‘what are you doing with these pillows on your hands? You’re in the wrong ring, this is a wrestling ring!’ He continues to taunt the southern boy, mocking his southern drawl, then agreeing to a boxing contest against the taller opponent. Brodie slips on the gloves. Colton clearly has the reach advantage and gains the upper hand with a few quick jabs on the teen bodybuilder. They exchange punches, while Colton focuses on Brodie’s abs and body. He connects with several body shots to the stomach and rib cage, catching Brodie by surprise. He knocks Brodie to the mat, and then pummels his rib cage and body with a flurry of punches. Brodie climbs back to his feet, and continues to taunt the southern boy, but Colton stays on the attack and continues to pummel the bodybuilder with punches to the body. This time Brodie struggles to get to his feet, and with Colton in his face starting a 10 count. Brodie gets up on his knees but can get no further, while the boxer continues counting, 8-9-10 you’re out, as he’s knocked Brodie out! Colton shocks the confident teen bodybuilder, and claims victory in the first round.
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