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Sounding 1

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DescriptionSounding is the art of shoving steel rods and other toys down your cockhole-that's right! It's all about fucking the inside of your cock until you spurt load after load of white thick cum. This is very intense stuff and the guys in this two-hour movie take "Cock Stuffing" to the extreme. There is a lot of fucking in this movie, as well as some pretty intense CBT and bondage. Filmed with high quality digital cameras, and directed by Ben Leon and Chris Ward, this is fetish footage at its best. The S/M porn world will never be the same as Raging Stallion moves into the market with what will surely become Classic XXXX movies for everyone into hardcore sensational sex!

Sounding #1 offers up two extended play sessions, each about an hour long. In the first scene we find pretty boys Derrick Hanson and Tony Bishop, both slaving away in a porn warehouse. Work stops fast when they find a box full of steel rods. Derrick freaks out when Tony sticks the toy down his gaping pee hole, but like I said before, he just can't look away. His dick grows hard and before you know it he is riding the rod like the best of them. Both guys fuck their cocks silly with iron rods, their cocks rock hard and wanting more. It is one of the greatest sounding scenes ever filmed, with camera angles that will make you cringe! An over-the-top moment occurs when both Derrick and Tony fuck each other on a single, double ended sound-- each slides their cock onto one end of the rod until finally their cockheads meet in the middle. After some of the best sounding play you will ever see, Derrick picks Tony up and fucks his ass with his engorged cock while Tony lays on his back and fucks his own dick at the same time with a twelve inch long piece of steel. The cum shots are huge.

The second session presents Derek Da Silva and Anthony Drago (Note that this Derek and Tony are not the same models as in the first scene), two very hardcore S/M players. But don't worry, we don't show any blood! The extended session starts out with Derek's cock being fucked with a long iron sound--in and out, in and out as he squirms in ecstasy. But one sound is not enough--soon Anthony sticks a second one in, then a third! Derek's cock is bursting from being stuffed full of metal--but he loves the pain and the pleasure, thrusting his hips upward trying to fuck the steel rods even harder! This has got to be seen to be believed. Each of his muscles tense with excitement, his hairy chest heaving in rhythm to the building intensity. Suddenly, Anthony grabs Derek and ties him into four- point bondage. Derek is in trouble now! His balls are exposed and waiting for attention! Anthony starts his carefully planned attack, striking and punching, grabbing and pulling. Derek screams for relief, but begs for more. After what seems like hours of torture, Anthony takes his nine inch, beer can cock and fucks Derek stupid.

Sounding #1 is fetish footage at its very best--indeed, this film will go down as one of the best CBT movies ever filmed, pushing ethical, legal, and pornographic limits right to the edge. Don't miss this new movie--or this new series--from Raging Stallion Studios!
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