Wedding Attire

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With a number of important events around the corner, Dario Beck is hard
at work meticulously planning and prepping Enzo Rimenez's attire
for each occasion. Unable to keep his eyes and focus on anything
other than the sexy Dario, Enzo offers to assist him with his selections.
After getting an overview of each of the suits which have been handpicked
for him, Dario lays out what he considers to be the best of the lot.
Enzo wastes no time asking him to strip off and in to the gorgeous
navy blue suit so he can get a better look, even helping him get dressed.
Dario's gorgeous furry body is just too much for Enzo to handle.
The two men begin to passionately kiss while stroking and frotting
their uncut cocks together. The situation quickly escalates from here
making this a MenatPlay scene that simply can't be missed.
2020-06-29 18:02:04
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