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Roped Studs Jared Part 1-6 (Complete First Series)

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Jared just got back from a run and is relaxing with a magazine in his master’s luxury home when Rope Man Seamus sneaks up behind him with a chloroform-soaked rag! Jared wakes up in his tighty-whities, tied down to the oak dining table.
Spread-out long on the dinning-room table, his wrists tied above his head, his torso, elbows, knees and ankles tied down tight, Jared has no choice but to allow Seamus to stroke his dick. When he fails to get hard enough, Seamus decides to punish him further, pulling Jared’s balls tight and tying them down, leaving our favorite muscle-stud roped and squirming in pain for hours.
Seamus has him splayed out on a fancy leather ottoman, legs together, bound at the ankles, arms spread overhead. Now it’s time to wrap that nice saggy ball sack with a dozen rope loops, squeezing Jared’s balls good and tight. Knowing Jared is right-handed, Seamus frees up that hand to let his jock boy work his straining cock.
Jared barks as Seamus approaches with two nasty looking nipple clamps connected by a steel chain. ¬ďDon¬ít you fucking dare, Seamus!¬Ē Jared barks again, seeing Seamus tighten the clamps¬í screw-adjusted tips so they will dig-in extra hard. With his right arm tied back over his head, his dick still semi-erect, his balls roped tight, Jared screams as the steel clamps bite into his nipples like snapping turtles.
Jared’s ripped body and firm, proud ass, as he hangs there, struggling, in pain, his arms tied behind his back and the top and bottom of his pecs wrapped with super-tight ropes. Aafter a few hours, he’s exhausted and nearly in shock and collapses on the floor when Seamus cuts him down, his torso still roped, his ass clenching and unclenching.
Lean, muscular Jared is hogtied, his wrists fixed to his ankles with special leather cuffs made specifically for hog-tying recalcitrant boys in need of disciple. Jared cannot free himself, or even provide any relief to his aching muscles. He is stuck in this incredibly uncomfortable position and can do nothing but wait for his master, Seamus, to free him. But Seamus has other plans. He removes Jared’s socks, then expertly ropes his freakishly long feet and toes together, adding another level of discomfort and humiliation to his slave’s ordeal.
Enjoy !!! ^^V
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