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Radko gets a brutal treatment and finally obeys to the soldiers. They handcuff him and move him in any position they want. His mouth is gagged with cock as they beat him again and again.
The wooden table proofs to be quite uncomfortable for the poor Radko. There he lays with his hands cuffed on his back. His skin is covered with sweat from the heat coming in from the broken roof and windows of the ruin where his torment started.

The soldiers enjoy their new playmate. Becko pushes his juicy cock right into the guys face and the helpless boy looks up and his eyes beg for mercy. But there wont be any mercy. �Suck it� Mecko says and soon he moves the guys head over to his mates cock. Becko slams the guy�s butt. He loves the sound of his moans and groans. He is in complete agony.

Then suddenly they lift Radko from the table and uncuff him. Becko puts him into another position and Mecko undresses his trousers, shoes and socks. At first Radko wanted to protest but Becko beats him hard. There is no point in resisting. They tie his hands to his leg. �Who told you to stop sucking?� and they continued where they stopped. The mouth fuck gets harder and humble Radko now realizes that he will be a sex-slave for the time to come.

The soldiers lift his legs to raise his arse and fondle it. What a nice straight young arse, what a strong body, Mecko thinks. But his strength will not help the guy In this position. His mouth again is gagged with cock. Mecko lightens a cigarette and pleasurably blows the smoke right into Radko�s face. �Guess whats coming next, boy?�
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