♺ Nightcrawling 2

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2016-04-24 |
Have you ever fantasized a way to be able to see a hot straight dude naked?  How about being able to strip that same dude down and give him an orgasm without the threat of his knowledge of what you did to him?  What if he never even knew?  Would you do it? 

That's what the guy in this video does.  Covertly, he slips these hot straight muscled guys a strong sedative, then slowly and seductively, he strips them down, spreads their legs wide open, gives them blow jobs, rims them. then lubes them up for a finisher by hand.  These alpha punks would never let a dude do this to them, but they don't have a choice in their vulnerable state.  These studs are put on display, rolled over to show off their muscular bottoms, their cheeks are spread for a closer examination and some are lubed up and given a prostate massage.  These young jocks never move a muscle, as they are helplessly violated, milked dry, surrendering every drop.  Hot Hot Hot!!!

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