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Mensroom-  AVI version **NOT THE TITAN VID**

Starring Brad Michaels, Sam Crockett, Paul Carrigan, Dave Thompson, Randy White, Tim Lowe, Mike Lamas, and David Cline.
Directed by Jim Steel.

Tim Lowe, a blast from the past, plays a smarmy janitor who finds used condoms in the bathroom he cleans for a living. He gets an idea and puts a video camera in the lavatory to tape hot men doing what they do. Lowe, usually so hot, looks seedy here with long greasy hair tied into a pigtail.

First to be captured on the video is star Michaels who enters the restroom wearing a football uniform. He begins pulling his pud at the urinal and in a minute has himself hard. He quickly turns around and pulls his jersey up to reveal a sweaty, hairy, torso. He grunts and groans and spits as he masturbates.

Later, he bends over and fingers himself, showing off a near perfect ass. When the time is right he drops a little jizz on the floor, pulls up his sweats and heads out.

The next scene features the always hot Crockett and White with cutie Cline. They are also supposed to be athletes, meeting after practice. White positions himself in a center stall between his teammates. Faster than you can say ‘hike’ all three have hardons and White is deciding whom to feed on first. Doing the whole glory hole thing White moves his head and hands back and forth working on both pretty cocks. Soon the guys leave the stalls and White gets in the middle of the friend sandwich. Bending over a trash can Cline gets fucked first. Shortly thereafter White bends over and offers his hole to Crockett. All three guys shoot loads on White’s chest.

Carrigan is seen cruising the urinals when Thompson appears. They trade blowjobs, Thompson really swallowing Carrigan’s thick meat. Thompson’s face and mouth get sticky wet with spit and precum before they both shoot loads onto the floor that Lowe will later have to mop.

Basketball boys arrive next. Cute and knowing it Llamas, Cross, and a third adorable boy stroke their cocks and preen for Steel’s camera. All three of these guys could easily have come from a Bel Ami video, and if you like young, smooth, pretty-boy twinks this scene will be worth the price of admission. Unfortunately they never interact with one another, they merely stroke themselves to satisfying orgasms in the privacy of the stalls… they do interact with the camera, treating it like a lover.

The finale has Michaels coming back to bathroom. This time instead of servicing himself he services our favorite janitor, Lowe. First Michaels inhales Lowe’s meat. The shots of Lowe fucking Michael’s face while Michael’s head is pushed up against the urinal are pretty hot. Later Lowe plants his hefty log in Michael’s hungry hole. Both guys are definitely hard and both shoot nice loads, but you get the feeling that Lowe could have given a little more.
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