♺ [Alexander] Black Madness 2011

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-11-02 |
In Black Madness, we find man after man who is 100 percent committed to getting black cock. So
committed are these guys that some might call them mad. Whatever the label, it is surely fun to

performer list
Alef Carvalho
Anton Barros
Caspar Loronha
Gustavo Alves
Julian Real
Julio Andrade
Leandro Cruz
Martino Paiva
Pene Cuen
Ulises Cuen

Length 01h 26m 39s
Scene descriptions

Anton Barros is a big, sexy black man with an impressive bulge in his pants. Julian Real is a
sweet twink who is mad for black dick. Left alone where no one can see them, they hit it off just
as you would expect. Anton's dark skin is only made sexier by light skinned Julian. They start
slow enough, jerking off and touching each other's bodies, but before long hormones take hold and
Julian's getting all Anton has to give. The sexy little twink's cock stays tight against his
stomach while Anton ravages his hole and cums while he's still getting fucked. His ass gripping
Anton's cock is too much, and Anton nuts all over Julian's back to finish of the first of many
hot scenes.

After only a short chat, Caspar Loronha and Ulises Cuen start kissing as if they are starving.
It's one of the hottest makeout sessions ever. All the while, they are groping at each other's
cocks and grinding their hips into each other. Once they get their shirt out of the way and their
pants off, Caspar has his cock right against Ulises' ass and he's rubbing that bone right up
Ulises crack that he lubes up with his own spit. He lays his black cock into that Latin hole like
a ton of bricks. Hands on hips, he picks up a nice rhythm and the sound of balls slapping on ass
are the percussion of fucking. Ulises uses his time on bottom to get him cranked up for his time
on top. Caspar looks a little nervous as he waits for Ulises cock to plug is hole, but he keeps
pulling on his bone just the same. When these guys finally get off, it's no small thing.

As the madness continues, Alef Carvalho is caught grinding up against Leandro Cruz and feasting
on his full lips as they kiss and bump outside. They get moving pretty fast, though, and the heat
builds just as quickly. They take turns sucking cock between more bouts of kissing and then Alef
presents his ass for Leandro's cock. Leandro plants his big, black dick in Alef's hole so far you
may wonder if he'll be able to get it out. And he does. Out and in and back out again until the
only madness he knows about is in his aching nuts. He glazes Alef's ass with his jizz and Alef
feeds the grass with his own. Such a sexy couple of fuckers.

The scene opening with a fist on a big boner is a sure sign that something awesome is about to
come. That something awesome is the big boner of Gustavo Alves. Pene Cuen can't seem to look away
from it and once it's out of his board shorts, you'll be hard pressed to look at anything else
yourself. Once Pene is on his feet, he's pretty quickly presenting his ass for Gustavo to plunge
into. Gustavo teases it by rubbing his bare head right over the pucker at first and then rubbers
up and slides in slowly but surely. Pene bottoms on the bottom and he bottoms on the top. He is
riding Gustavo's big cock when he finally jacks himself off. When Gustavo nuts, he shoots up onto
his own face. No small feet considering how tall he is. Just more madness.

The final bit of madness is found in the pairing of Julio Andrade and Martino Paiva. These pretty
boys are the perfect ending to this exploration of madness. The way they handle each other
physically, is tremendously sexy. Julio is fingering Martino's add while they are hugging and
groping. It's super sexy and leads to exactly where you are hoping it will. But not before Julio
has explored that ass fully with his hands will he dive in with is prick. By the time he gets
there, Martino is in heat. These guys are incredible together and their fantastic cumshots are
the perfect end to this film.
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