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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2008-01-15 |
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Director: Alexander


Ramon Mendez
Diego Lozano
Antonio Torres
Ruy Lopez
Simao Fogaca
Leonardo Carcia
Antonio Bello
Gomez Aguilar
Richard Pene
Darien Leon

No, "Bananas from Brazil" is not the title of a Carmen Miranda musical, although I wouldn't have been surprised if it were. Instead, it's porn and the bananas don't refer to any fruit in a hat, just the fruit packages these strapping hung Brazilians are carrying way lower on their bodies.

Super adorable Diego Lozano, with big sexy eyes that drew me in immediately, goes to a closed bar where perfectly chiseled cover-model Ramon Mendez is setting up to open. He lets Diego stay, of course. Who could resist that face? Diego has heard that Ramon has "a big one." It's impossible that a man this muscular and gorgeous couldn't have "a big one," but Diego takes his time getting to it with a definitely wanton lick trip down Ramon's peerless chest. So, is Ramon hung? Bigger than even my imagination had it. However, Diego is just the man to handle his enormous piece and he sucks the thick long thing very bravely. Kudos to peppy Diego for giving it the wow treatment. Ramon has been itching to fuck Diego, who claims to be willing. He makes good on the claim and lets the beefy bartender stuff all of it in his ass. It's a tight fit, but Diego doesn't fight it and Ramon manages to get it all in. Ramon looks dreamy topping and Diego stays hard the entire time, which shows his high enjoyment level. Ramon cums on Diego's back and Diego pops on a bar stool. "If you ever need a good fuck, you know where to find me," Ramon tells Diego on his way out. Does Ramon care to share that address with the rest of us?

Strapping Leonardo Carcia, with a big shoulder tattoo and a big necklace, walks down the street shirtless with big-chinned smooth brunet Antonio Torres, looking for a special secluded spot. They find what looks to be a long-abandoned kitchen (someone left without doing the dishes) and Antonio starts his way down Leonardo's manly chest. Antonio orally works Leonardo into full hardness, though he seems a little bored with his task. So, Leonardo switches with him and does a fine job on his big stiffy. Both men have great cocks and fine asses, so there's no clear top or bottom until Leonardo bends over a tad and Antonio goes plowing in. Leonardo looks a bit pained, but Antonio keeps up a good pace until popping on his bottom's back and letting Leonardo finish on a plate (well, it was dirty already).

For the third scene, the prospective lovers amble down the street fully clothed, but very cute tattooed stud muffin Darien Leon and tall also inked Antonio Bello are also looking for a quiet place to get it on. Antonio assures the luscious Darien that they will be unobserved in the spot he has found and they start doting on each other's chests. Darien soon gets to taste sweet meat, chomping down wonderfully on Antonio's giant prick. This one gives Ramon a challenge for size, but Darien has a big mouth and he uses it all. Antonio returns the favor on Darien's upward curved dick. Darien, with asscheeks like smooth white pillows, seems in a hurry to get fucked, so Antonio of course complies. Like the others, it's a one-position fuck, but it's a good one, with Darien looking so hot getting invaded and Antonio working strongly. Antonio cums on Darien's chest and then Darien finishes on his pubes. Indeed, they were unseen, except for the nagging dog who kept barking throughout the scene.

Another godly man, the big-lipped Ruy Lopez, is keeping hairy goateed beauty Simao Fogaca waiting, but they soon meet up. This battle of the titans has to be worth it. Both are extremely well-built, tight as hell, and just as handsome. They kiss lovingly and then down Simao's hairy chest Ruy goes until earning the prize. He sucks the long uncut dick with a lot of teasing licks, but isn't afraid to wrap his mouth around it either. Ruy's dick is yet another impossibly giant one (I'm not complaining, I just can't believe how many are in the same movie!), and Simao attacks the dark piece as well as he can. Bubble-butted Ruy is the bottom here and Simao knows just how to play eager topman for the camera. His killer abs do a lot of the work, but it gets his dick far into Ruy and they even get a missionary position on top of the bent-over doggy. Simao looks mighty hot fucking here. Both have nice loads on Ruy's stomach.

In a kitchen even more unprepossessing than the one in the second scene, handsome Richard Pene decides to call Gomez Aguilar to help fix it up. Gomez seems a tad older than many of the models, but beefy and absolutely hunky. Richard is a smaller reedier guy, so the daddy-boy factor adds to the heat. Gomez gets on a ladder and Richard ends up undressing him down to his unbelievably extra large dark dick. This one would need two mouths conservatively to deep-throat it, but Richard works as hard as anyone could. How that will fit in his ass, I have no idea. Richard, packing mighty down there too, has a sweet ass and bends it over for his scary friend. Richard begs Gomez to go slow. He does, but he also manages to park the entire cock in Richard and then fuck with speed! This fuck is a definite keeper, if for no other reason than the fact that it happens, but it also helps that Gomez is a knowing top and keeps socking away at Richard with skill. Gomez is apparently so good that he gets a second position, a table-rocking missionary that gets them to cum.

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