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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-10-12 |
Content synopsis
Today is a special day because I'm releasing one of my best movies to date! Bobby and Brubaker! I know you are thinking we've seen these two before but today you will see them like you've never seen them before. Watch as Rob orchestrates these two straight guys into fucking and sucking each other... YEP! Watch as Bobby fucks Brubaker, Brubaker sucks Bobby's cock, Bobby sucks Brubaker's cock...The cum and the sex is flying everywhere and its all brought to you by MilitaryClassified!
Bobby got to my studios first and not far behind came Brubaker and I sat these boys down and went over what we were going to do and how it would all play out. I could see that Bobby was nervous and Brubaker was trying to make small talk which made it more uncomfortable. Not much was said as they were filling out paperwork and I could cut the silence with a knife but I broke the quiet by shooting the shit about the pussy they've been enjoying since I last saw them.
Once we got past all the particulars, I took the guys downstairs to my bedroom where I was set up for them and I was on pins and needles because of what was about to take place. I think I was more nervous than the guys but before long I had to take the bull by the horns and got the party started. I made these guys take their clothes off and get butt naked and sat them down on my bench in front of my bed. I knelt down in front of them and began to suck both of their cock at once in complete harmony.
This got the boys rock hard in no time and it wasn't long before I passed the baton over to Bobby and instructed him to suck Brubaker's cock and that's what he did. After a while, Brubaker turned around and returned the favor and began sucking Bobby's cock and these boys had taken the plunge. Brubaker was pretty amazing with his cock sucking skills, I wasn't sure if he is giving me a run for my money. This is just the appetizer before the feast because what came next blew me away!
Brubaker took over like a pro and I was blown away by how Brubaker seem eager to get his ass pounded. Bobby was the man to do it and Bobby fed his 8 inch anaconda to Brubaker making him moan and scream as Bobby delivered his fury! Bobby fucked Brubaker in the cowgirl position, doggie, missionary and everything else imaginable and by the time it was all said and done, Both these boys delivered loads almost simultaneously and left a huge mess all over Brubaker's stomach.

Cast: Rob Navarro, Bobby, Brubaker
Director: Rob Navarro
Studio: Military Classified
Release Date: 2014-10-10
Runtime: 00:15:30
Definition: 720p, 1280x720
Format: .mp4

Tags: ~military ~blowjob ~tattoo ~anal ~hunks ~cumshot ~big cocks ~military classified ~Rob Navarro
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