Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within (GOG version)

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DescriptionThe Beast Within is a point-and-click adventure game, played from a third-person perspective.

The storyline weaves together werewolf mythology and Bavarian history with sexual intrigue and businessmen's quest for their primal roots.
The game's two lead characters are Gabriel Knight—the seemingly less-than-bright but smart-as-a-fox mystery writer and bookstore owner—and Grace Nakimura, his less-than-trusting assistant.
Knight has inherited a castle in a small German village and the title of Schattenjäger ("shadow hunter" in German) that comes with it.

It has been a year since the voodoo murders case (Sins of the Fathers) and the local villagers implore him to investigate the mysterious death of a little girl—caused, they believe, by a werewolf.
Knight and Nakimura's search for clues takes them to Munich, King Ludwig II's famous Neuschwanstein Castle, Altötting and Bavaria's forested countryside.
Their efforts lead them to uncover the truth about King Ludwig's mysterious death and discover a lost Richard Wagner opera, written by Robert Holmes (composer of music in the game).

Released in 1995, english.

--- Reason for posting this here (light spoilers) ---
While it is never explicitly stated that Von Glower, Gabriel's counterpart, is gay there are more than enough clues in the story that point towards this. Von Glower runs a secret club for men who want to connect with their primal instincts, which we later find out means a club for werewolves.
He targets men he thinks will fit into this club and essentially seduces them into taking part, which is what he does to Gabriel over the course of the game.
There's nothing malevolent about this - he sees Gabriel as a werewolf who hasn't yet 'come out' and proceeds to help him to do so.

Then there are also the parallels between Von Glower and Ludwig II, including the romance they two shared, whose homosexuality is referred to when it arises as part of Grace's research.
Finally there is the love story at the heart of the game - it is Grace's love for Gabriel that compels her to save him, but ultimately that love is never reciprocated.

The homosexual allegory becomes problematic when you consider that once Gabriel is 'turned' his condition is treated as a disease and the werewolves are portrayed as killers throughout the game.
But at the same time this is offset by a fondness for Von Glower that is best summed up by Gabriel's final lines - 'Haven't you ever wished you could just follow your instincts? Live for the moment?... That was Von Glower'.

However you read it, this is pretty interesting, complex and potentially subversive stuff for a mid-nineties horror adventure game.

The game spawned some homoerotic fanfiction, focussing on alternative endings, especially on Gabriel and Von Glower becoming lovers (hailing from the already present homoerotic undertones throughout the game)

Enjoy this little time capsule.

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