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DescriptionFraternityX is the website of a REAL FRATERNITY at Arizona State University, just outside of Phoenix. The frat guys, who are mostly bisexual, started the site to help pay for school, and they certainly earn their money! They make some of the craziest and hottest frat house sex videos we've ever seen.

5 Dude Gangbang.mp4 1577,35 MB
5 Dudes 2 Holes.mp4 363,21 MB
8 Dude Gangbang!.flv 647,60 MB
A Hole is a Hole 2.mp4 192,16 MB
A Hole is a Hole.avi 607,72 MB
Bag of Tricks.wmv 392,07 MB
Beer Enema.mp4 372,64 MB
Beer, Spit & Football.mp4 397,91 MB
Big Dick Fucks Little Dick.flv 475,31 MB
Blue Balls.mp4 273,59 MB
Breed Pretty Boy Ass.avi 869,09 MB
Britney.m4v 469,50 MB
Cock Hole.avi 521,78 MB
Cum Dump.mp4 850,19 MB
Cum Dumpster.mp4 667,06 MB
Doggy Style.mp4 293,77 MB
Double Penetration University.avi 770,37 MB
Face Fucked.mp4 372,80 MB
Frat Bitch.mp4 310,48 MB
Frat Boy Gangbang.mp4 632,38 MB
Fresh Meat.flv 353,90 MB
Freshman Ass.mp4 252,93 MB
Fuck and Chuck.mp4 253,07 MB
Fuck Classes.avi 495,23 MB
Fuck Classes.mp4 196,74 MB
Get It!.mp4 515,91 MB
Give Me that Ass.mp4 708,33 MB
Give Me the Juice!.mp4 304,43 MB
Half Time.mp4 79,91 MB
Hang-Over Gang Bang.mp4 541,41 MB
Hot Mess 2.flv 423,33 MB
Hot Mess.avi 1276,62 MB
Hungry Hole.mp4 247,27 MB
Late Night Orgy.mp4 239,42 MB
Make Him Cry.mp4 266,58 MB
No Means Yes.mp4 382,45 MB
Party Foul 2.wmv 202,43 MB
Party Foul 3.mp4 201,47 MB
Party Foul 4.avi 310,46 MB
Party Foul.flv 450,59 MB
Pass Around Ass Holes.wmv 451,99 MB
Pass that Trashed Ass.flv 233,44 MB
Pay Back.avi 257,31 MB
Pays the Rent.flv 424,32 MB
Pee Bitch.mp4 404,87 MB
Pretty Boy Pt.1.mp4 225,26 MB
Pussy Boy.flv 405,72 MB
Ride That Cock.flv 351,15 MB
Scarface.mp4 378,96 MB
Six Load Gang Bang.mp4 392,19 MB
Sketchy Sex.avi 399,75 MB
Sloppy Seconds.flv 195,40 MB
Smoking Cock.avi 406,37 MB
Spit Roasted Bottom.mp4 1005,55 MB
Spit Then Fuck.mp4 1028,24 MB
Tag Team.mp4 354,42 MB
Take My Load!.mp4 243,33 MB
Take that Dick Bitch!.mp4 696,35 MB
The After Party.mp4 376,09 MB
The Chaser.flv 218,55 MB
The Initiation.avi 604,70 MB
The Midnight Snack.mp4 366,53 MB
The Morning After.mp4 264,83 MB
The New Guy has a Big Dick.mp4 259,16 MB
The New Guy.avi 740,83 MB
The Stuffing.mp4 299,20 MB
Throw that Dick In.mp4 253,18 MB
Tie the Bitch Up 2.mp4 267,76 MB
Tie the Bitch Up.mp4 488,02 MB
Toke and Fuck.mp4 410,01 MB
Virgin Hole.avi 888,08 MB
Voyeur's Dream.mp4 304,07 MB
Wet and Warm.mp4 389,00 MB
Who's the Bitch Part Deux.wmv 454,93 MB
Who's the Bitch.mp4 351,58 MB
You Gotta Earn It.avi 907,52 MB

Buzzed and Fucked
Sketchy Sex 2
Worked out hole
Fuck my Ass Bro!
pretty boy pt.2
A Good Ass Pounding
Sweet Danny Boy
Don't Fight It
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