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Description"We met our newest discovery through a local talent scout - and what a fucking hot find he is! Blair is nineteen years old, sculpted like a Greek god, smooth as silk, and hung like a stallion. He's a freshman at college - he's openly bisexual, likes to experiment, and is a little on the wild side. His favorite fantasy is sex in public - and he's already gone there once so maybe next time we can convince him to get it on film. His favorite hobby is jacking off...nothing wrong with that. With an easygoing personality, sexy body, cute as fuck smile, and fantastic cock he's got everything going for him. This is the first porno he's ever been in and let me tell you it won't be his last!

We teamed Sean up with Vince this week for a pairing you won't soon forget. Sean came back to Phoenix during our "heat wave" and as funny as it seems things got even hotter once he arrived! We paired him with Vince for this film but we had one small problem - who would do who? To settle that matter we had the guys play rock, paper, and scissors to find out who would give head to the other one. Things were playful and fun that afternoon and the guys had an awesome time (as did we). There's no better end to a hot afternoon than two nice big loads to cool things down!

Ken has been building a new house for about eight months now. Finally he moved in this last month and he was anxious to break his new digs in right - with some hot, straight guys in his bed. Of course who did he call? Us of course. We were more than happy to accommodate and so we asked hot ass Cypher and Smoke to join us for a game of video strip poker. The game proceeded as any strip poker game does - eventually everyone was naked and horny. So what to do with two sizzling hot straight guys who are naked in your new bedroom? Suck their dicks? Yep. Eat their butts? Yep. Offer up your butt for poking? Yep. Damn guys if this video doesn't make you hard and leave you stroking and spent then you need to see the doctor! Cypher, Smoke and Ken deliver a wet and wild performance that you're bound to love!

We've always wanted to get Guzzo to tap an ass. Of course when we first mentioned it to him he wasn't too keen on the idea because he'd never really given fucking a guy in the ass too much thought before. As the months of knowing him have worn on, we've come to realize that there's not too much that Guzzo won't do in bed now that his horizons have been opened a little. So time for that ass tapping we've been dreaming of huh? You got it. As luck would have it we met a new guy a few weeks back named Steve. Steve is a young gay man who recently moved to Phoenix and doesn't know too many people yet. Steve is adorable with a nice lean body and eager attitude and oh yah one more thing - he loves to get fucked! Loves it. So we had Steve come down for a surprise shoot with Guzzo. As the two of them met for the first time on camera the magic (and lust) was so thick you could've cut it with a knife. This was Steve's first video and I guess we broke him in right. Can't wait for the next episode...

Some guys are just so fucking good looking that you just want to look at them for a bit and then touch the merchandise. You don't want to go too far for fear that your gorgeous find will either hit you (especially if he's straight and you haven't asked first) or he'll just leave and say "okay man, that's enough." You gotta get good at reading sexual energy before you start to touch. Robbie is just such a guy. He's really good looking, built, sexy, masculine and hung really nicely. Robbie was heading out and we thought we'd get one more video in before he left. After chit chat and what not Robbie took off his pants so he could get his hands on his meat...guess he's not the only one who wants to touch it. All the films we'd made with Robbie were with other people and we just had to get our hands on that guy...think you can guess what happened huh? I started it by waiting in the wings for the right moment to pounce on that hot, hard, cock and Jay took over from there. Fuck was that fun!"

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