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Smooth, red-hot twinks spread their cheeks in High Drive Productions latest HD jizz-fest, HUSTLAS. This gay gang of jr. hotties is sweet, tender, versatile and pops twinkster boi cherry for a profit. Brady Mayo directs this mild to wild fuck fest and delivers 5 anal scenes.

Scene 1: Narton Trinity & Jimmy Bone

Southern hottie Narton Trinity (20) finds his neighbor 19-year-old corn-fed buddy boy Jimmy Bone attractive and invites his ass over. Narton takes his cock and stuffs it down Jimmy’s pie hole. Then Narton spreads Jimmy’s pink cheeks and the gates of Heaven open wide. Narton stuffs Jimmy’s hole to the rim and you can tell the initial pain is worth the warm, sticky pleasure filled ending.

Scene 2: Shane Summers & Devon Salem

Ebony Adonis Devon Salem (20) finds Shane Summers (20) escort ad online and hires him. Shane uncoils this tall dark man’s huge black dong and plays tonsil jockey. Devon enjoys the service, turns Shane over and inserts his purple knob. After Shane relaxes his anal clench, Devon slides it in and the debauchery begins. Shane squeals like a pig while he Bottoms for one of the largest Black dicks in porn today.

Scene 3: Jimmy Bone & Zeek Towers

Houseboy Jimmy Bone (19) is looking for a raise, but all employer Zeek Towers (20) offers up is a raise in his jockstrap. Jimmy is charmed by Zeek’s counter-offer, and they swap kisses, licks and dicks on the chaise lounge. Then the penis enters the butthole and the penetration begins. Zeek bangs Jimmy standing up, and judging by the ejaculations, this job has loads of benefits!

Scene 4: Shane Summers & Angel Alexander

Tenant Angel Alexander (21) calls the Super’s son Shane Summers (20) to fix a leaky faucet, but Angel has subversive plans. Angel sweet- talks Shane into showing off his notoriously large ding-dong. Angel takes to Shane’s dick like a duck takes to water. Then Angel sticks his poker in Shane’s hole and the pounding ensues. The sex amenities in this apartment complex are better than ever!

Scene 5: Narton Trinity & Jimmy Bone

This is Jimmy Bone (19) and Narton Trinity’s (20) second scene together, and the sexual limits are taken next level. More kissing, oral sex and intense anal pounding ensues. This fine pairing of cock and ass is even better in round two. And the cumshots don’t suck either!

Original Release Date: 2013

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