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Emil Garin - Package Perfect

At 24, young and upcoming bodybuilder Emil Garin already holds a huge handful of IFBB Competition titles in his home country of Romania, including the Pro Nutritional National Grand Prix in the Seniors Division. His musculature is divine his ass a work of art. And his eyes green, penetrating arresting.

We think you may already have had the pleasure of meeting that all-American Romanian hero, Emil Garin. A nice, wholesome young man, with a jaw-dropping set of glutes and a real talent in the wrestling ring. Emil's just a little bit narcissistic - oh, he's a nice guy, and all, and smart, too - but he loves to flex and pose in the mirror, and more than one gym buddy has caught him checking himself out over his shoulder, you know, to see what others are seeing when he, uh, leaves the room. You know what we mean. His partner (not to name names, of course, but it's none other than Uberto Ugo) loves to fantasize too..and there's nothing like the memory of throwing each other on their supple asses to get their juices flowing. Ah, youth.

2010-05-04 19:05:24
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