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Description_Submission Mat Brawls-CHESKO-IVAN-WLADIMIR-VALENTINO

We could have also called the newest Fightplace film "Sexy Submissions", because this is what Wladi and Valentino do in the first part of this film . You get sexy Rip-and Stripfight of the first order to see which fighter does not lack, hardness and fighting spirit. Both fight bitterly for the victory and, don't leave out any tricks. Thus here you will see ball grabs, wedgies and two cool fighters in thongs. In the second part Chesko and Ivan meet. Chesko provokes older Ivan and instigates a fight out. Ivan does not want to disgrace himself in front of Chesko of course. Chesko of course knows that in just such a match he, gives everything and makes it as difficucult as possible for his opponent. Also in this fight boxing attacks are used to defeat the opponent. But both are well-trained types and thus withstand most blows well. Does Chesko have a chance against the extremely hard Freefighter Ivan? You can expect a total of 90 minutes of Submission-Style-Wrestling 'Submission Mat Brawls'!

_Sunny Afternoon Wrestling 1-CHESKO-SAMY
_Sunny Afternoon wrestling 2- LUKAS-SAMY
_Sunny Afternoon Wrestling 3-CHESKO vs LUKAS

"Sunny Afternoon Wrestling", three videos, in which Chesko, Samy and Lukas prove their wrestling skills. As the title indicates, the fights take place on a nice sunny afternoon on the edge of a river. In the first part Chesko and Samy line up together, in the next Lukas against Samy and in the third part Chesko against Lukas. This time Lukas suprises us, trying with all his strength and tricks to clearly defeat a stronger and bigger opponent which he manages to do at least with Samy. There is a lot of action with not very fair moves!


Finally, Fightplace has created new rooms for the professional training of its members. Not yet completely finished the small mat space has already been put to the test by some of our Fighters. Thus Vladimir and Chesko met to do some kick box training. They both wanted to train in peace, but then Basti, Samy and Shorty arrived. Basti, never cautious with his provocations, lined up against Waldimir, however, he had to see that he had no chance against Wladimir. At least this part in the meeting was followed by many hot and sweaty Real-Submission-Fights with many Schoolboy-Pins, Wedgie action and "real-hard scissors"! The fights in detail:

1. Chesko vs. Wladimir (Kickbox-Training)

2. Basti vs. Wladimir

3. Chesko vs. Samy

4. Shorty vs. Wladimir

5. Chesko vs. Shorty

6. Basti vs.Chesko

7. Samy vs. Wladimir

8. Samy vs. Shorty

9. Chesko vs. Wladimir

10. Chesko vs. Samy

_The wrestling party-Shorty, Sami, Chesko and Wladimir

Four young participants offer you really hot submission wrestling action in this Fightplace Movie! We are pleased to be able to present to you Vladimir, we are certain many of you will like everything about him, he is a tenacious fighter and is well trained and athletic. Vladimir comes from Russia and coaches boxing and handball in clubs. In "THE WRESTLING PARTY" he makes his debut and shows his skill in Fights against Chesko and Samy. Shorty also proves once more that he has no fear of bigger boys and lines up against Chesko and Samy. Mega Wedgies, Ass-Slapping and other obvious submission-holds await you in this 90-minute movie. Actors: Chesko, Samy, Shorty und Wladimir

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