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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-11-30 |
Eddie and Knut has long since become good friends. But as it is with good friends who get it. Sometimes in the wool And as so often in life , it's about the money. Eddie Knut still owes money. Knut just wants to pick on him. But Eddie is busy with other things and do not remember to have his buddy into the house. On the contrary , since he is about to clean the hall , he uses the mop water to make it pour Knut unceremoniously over his head. Knut is beside himself with anger and stands like a poodle on cast front entrance of the house . But then Eddie has pity on his friend and let him inside. Knut takes off his wet clothes and calls Eddie to a fight . Eddie laughs at him because he looks anyway as the stronger of the two. But that will now decide the next fight. And in this fight both fighters get "out of control" because they use ALL, to humiliate the enemy and humiliate . Also, they do not shy away from intimacy itself . " Cock to Face" is a fitting slogan here . And if that's not enough , the ball is squeezed and pulled until it no longer withstand the opponent . Ouch! It is not even particularly bother Knut apparently , that his crown jewels and his pride are most of the time in the fresh air and be massaged and abused by Eddie . But from time to engage Knut literally and thus can offer Eddie Parolie . Which in turn begins to bite his opponent when he is no longer coming . Wild and out of control just to offer both here an extraordinary battle that is both sexy as well as combative succeeded.
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