Richie West & Jesse Stone

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From the beginning, these two guys really liked each other. They kiss on the bed, acting on the chemistry they feel. Richie admires Jesse's torn body and kisses him all over until he gets to Jesse's cock. He puts his cock in his mouth, and Jesse loves it. Richie continues to go deeper into Jesse's cock as Jesse stares at him. They switch places, and Jesse gets on his knees to give Richie a nice blowjob. Richie is still satisfied.

The boys stay on their side and Richie slowly puts his cock inside Jesse. Jesse feels pleasure as he takes Richie's beautiful cock in his side and moans some more. He rolls onto his stomach and Richie continues to pound him from behind, watching Jesse's ass respond to his thrusts. As Jesse gets closer, Richie flips him onto his back and fucks him until they both cum hard. They catch their breath as Richie stays on top of Jesse.

2021-11-14 15:13:26
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