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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-10-02 |
V46 - Made in the Shade!
It’s a beautiful day. The breeze blows gently through the trees. Sunlight dapples the leave above like a bright green stained-glass window. The birds start singing, the antelope start playing, and Steve bends Hugo over to lick his dick, his butt, and shoot cum all over the patio.

V47 - The Tree Guy
A DungeonBear movie in two parts. Work hard, and play harder.
Steve wanted a new hardhat for his collection. But the plumber was over just last week. The phone guy was busy. And the fire department said “no more false alarms.”
Hey those trees look like they need some work! They need a big bear with a hairy back, a blue hard hat, and a huge pole saw to get rid of all the dead wood.
A DungeonBear movie in two parts. Work hard, and play harder.

V48 - Nuts and Toppings
Steve and I are proud to introduce some special guests: honey, butterscotch and strawberry. This movie is a gay parade of gold, yellow, and red, with a climax in classic white. I had so much fun making it, you’d think someone was licking my nuts the whole time!

Terrific! Talk about “comfort food”! — Food and Sex Monthly

V49 - Spin Around the Dungeon
Welcome to the future of Dungeonbears. Our new rotovision system gives a 360 view of the action (and turns our garage into a dungeon playroom). Be sure to turn up the sound and check out our new soundtrack, too—specially created for this movie by deejays Hugodelux and NCSteve

V50 - Waves of Pleasure
During a well-deserved vacation in Mexico, Hugo and Steve take a break from the sun and get naked on a secluded, ocean-front balcony. As the waves lapped the shore, Steve lapped up the cum from Hugo’s throbbing dick and then started gushing himself. Custom soundtrack and lighting provided by God. Everything else by the Dungeonbears.

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