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Director Jerry Douglas' "Kiss-Off" (1992) is a plot-drenched extravaganza where every moment adds heat to the proceedings. Douglas creates a suspenseful mood throughout a story about sexually confused and corrupt cops.

Axel Garret, looking the epitome of young blond godliness, is a cop who chases a thug with a pizza box. They run through a dump and into a garage where Axel finally gets his man. Turns out, he busted a big-crime ring -- the boxes are filled with wads of cash. It also helps Axel make detective, but when he gets to his new partner's office, he's confused. Michael Brawn, a strapping masculine man living up to his moniker, has his booted feet on the desk and is dressed in an unbuttoned denim shirt and short-shorts. They will be working vice trying to arrest gays in the act. He gives Axel a uniform to wear. "No underwear!" he barks at Axel. "Hope you got a bid deal. It helps." He then takes Axel to a notorious cruising bathroom, sending the novice in to make a bust. "Get yourself in there ? and bag yourself a queer."

An exceedingly nervous Axel, who manages to act despite a blank face at all times, lazes in the bathroom until in comes the delicious and big-eyed Danny Sommers. Standing at the urinal with a hardon, he makes eyes at Axel who knows his duty. He's uncomfortable with it, and after a long section of will-he-or-won't-he, he finally brings his dick to Danny for a workout as Michael watches from a vent above. Danny starts out with the softest blow possible, then he deep-throats, but his lips barely touch the cock, and as Axel begins to relax, he goes full-throttle and adds a hand. It's masterful cocksucking, especially given the context, and it is filmed close, so you can almost feel Danny's pleasure. Axel blasts a fountain of cum on Danny's face, and then Danny beats off. After it's over, Danny invites him to come back for more. He also tells Axel to bring cash because "the vice squad, they can be bought, you know." Axel is now even more confused than when he started.

At home, we find Axel to be even more addled. He puts on a construction helmet, wears shorts around his neck, and turns on a video camera with porn. He falls asleep and is later awakened by Michael's blaring horn. He decides to take the video camera with him. In the park, the two of them are in Michael's car where Michael tells him he's trying to bust a rich kid. Axel is a bit uncomfortable, but Michael reminds him "drug dealers carry real guns and shoot to kill. Fags don't," so Axel shouldn't be so eager to go after the big game all the time.

The suspected perp arrives in the form of luscious and handsome Chad Knight. The cops separate and Michael chases after him supposedly to arrest him. He finds Chad's glorious butt to the sky, sunning himself all alone. Michael, sporting a gigantic dick, comes over to Chad, who dive-bombs the cock, sucking with amazing intensity and delivering a whiz-bang deep-throat without moving a hair on his manicured pompadour. Chad spends most of his time on his back with Michael teasingly face-fucking him, though Chad takes whatever is given. He does a particularly good job on Michael's balls and makes sure to lick the ass as well. Chad fishes for a condom and Michael insists Chad put it on him, which he does once he's licked up and down Michael's body, getting him fully hard again. It's here that Axel makes an appearance, shooting the entire episode on his video camera. The guys don't know it, but they sure perform as if they do. The fuck lasts a short time, but Chad is an excellent bottom and takes Michael with sublime ease. Michael then goes to arrest Chad, who gets out of it by paying him off (after a sweet moment where he thinks Michael is a gay cop). Axel gets it all on video.

The next day, Axel and Michael go to a "porn pit" where Michael makes it clear that Axel needs to arrest guys in order to keep up the "number ? never say quota!" Axel is sent into the theater where he finds slab-of-beef Steve Gibson, wearing a leather jacket and leather chaps. The tic-filled Axel takes a seat next to B.J. Slater, who has his dick popped out of his jeans. Steve sits next to B.J., who whispers to Axel that he's going to play with Steve because blond Axel isn't his type, but he wants Axel to watch since he loves an audience. B.J. blows Steve first, but after just a few moments B.J. moves to the front of the house, standing naked in front of the movie screen as other patrons scramble to take seats in the front row (including Axel with his trusty camera). Steve joins B.J., who continues his sensational blowing. He takes a penetrating face-fuck on the floor from Steve, and then B.J. delivers a solid ass-munch. Steve removes a buttplug from B.J.'s ass, and sends in his dick. The lighting is kept only to the flickering movie screen, so it's impossible to see the fuck up close, but the guys sure do look like they are having a blast. After Steve fucks B.J. for a bit, they flip-flop. B.J. turns out to have a lot of steam, though the fuck is only shown briefly, and Steve cums being fucked. Someone yells out about a vice cop, but Axel doesn't pursue the scampering leathermen. It's a good thing because one of them was the commissioner's nephew!

Axel has built up two tapes worth of masturbation material, but he's interrupted from a session when he notices that the apartment across the way has been rented. A dick pops out of the blind slats, followed by a phone number. When he calls, it turns out to be Danny who invites him over. A timid Axel panics and hangs up the phone. Back at the office, because of his discretion during the movie theater episode, the lieutenant sends Michael and Axel on a very special assignment to infiltrate a ring of "high-class callboys." Axel and Michael are sent in formal wear to a party filled with hot guys in tuxedos. Floppy-haired brunet Mitch Taylor is the madam of the ring, but his chauffeur, a hilariously over-the-top Johnny Rahm, is suspicious of the two newcomers. So Mitch decides to test them. In the limo, with Johnny filming, Mitch makes the guys strip. Axel isn't hard, so he makes Michael get him hard. The straight cops are in a quandary because not following Mitch's orders will make Mitch suspicious. Michael ends up blowing Axel, working up and down the huge cock with aplomb, impressing Mitch. Mitch wants them to reverse the blowjobs, but impatiently asks them to get right to the fucking. Now they are really sunk, having told Mitch they were both versatile. They flip a coin and Michael loses. So he sticks his rump in the air and plunks it down on Axel where he rides with fervor. For a novice, he's damn good at taking a cock, and a fuck inside a limo, no less.

The quartet returns to Mitch's pad where they all get in the act. Johnny's hooked cock is a prize, though he just watches and jacks off. Mitch blows Axel, then slithers underneath Axel to lick his balls and tells Michael to blow Axel. Mitch then parts Axel's cheeks and sticks his tongue in, shot beautifully close up. Axel is sent to a drawer for a condom and discovers a stash of drugs, but continues anyway. Mitch and Michael do a fantastic 69 for a bit, and then Axel is made to fuck Mitch. He seems to relish the idea as he delivers a very interesting fuck. Even though Axel is purposely low on wattage during the non-sex scenes, he suddenly lights up here, slamming so hard and fast into Mitch that Mitch has to direct him to take it slow at one point. With Axel still fucking, Johnny cums on Michael's chest, followed by a white dump from Michael. The chain of cum continues with Axel delivering his blast, one that coats Mitch, Michael and all the linens in sight. Mitch believes that they are really callboys and leaves them alone, telling Axel he can't wait for a piece of his ass. Axel finds a huge stash of drugs that Michael wants to sell on the street and retire. A smarter Axel takes all the drugs, the videotape Johnny made, and the computer list of clients. However, Axel is unsure what to do with all the evidence. He can certainly turn in dirty cop Michael, but would that jeopardize his career? He calls Danny and they go for a job together. Danny tells him to toss the drugs and the computer, take the tape of Michael and Chad to the boss, and use the others for his own pleasure.

Danny, giving a sensitive earnest performance, seems to genuinely like Axel, who might just be thinking the same way. With a great deal of tension, Axel finally releases his hardon from his pants and invites Danny to suck it. Danny turns in a wonderful suck. Danny then sweetly asks Axel if he wants to fuck him, and Axel agrees. It seems he's bursting through his confusion. In a shaded woody area, Axel fucks the heck out of Danny -- the fuck is given very little screen time before the guys beat off together. Danny has a creamy load, and then Axel has his. Danny wants desperately to kiss Axel (there hasn't been one kiss in the story) telling him "a man's tongue can be a wonderful thing." They kiss and it's an absolutely lovely end to the film.

Over the end credits, we see Axel taking Danny's advice, turning in the video and dumping the rest of the evidence, handing in his badge, and going over to Danny's. It seems he has found his way through his confusion. In a wonderfully layered story, Douglas really does pack a hell of a lot of power into this flick. The sex seems a bit spartan at times, but added up it makes the more powerfully sexual moments all the more important. He allows performers like Danny Sommers and Chad Knight to steal their moments appropriately, but it's Axel and Michael's acting and sexual performances that make "Kiss-Off" special.

A Review by Brent Blue ( hxxp://www.ManNet.com )

*** Highly Recommended ***

Starring Axel Garrett, Michael Brawn, Danny Sommers, Chad Knight, B.J. Slater, Steve Gibson, Mitch Taylor, Johnny Rahm, and in non-sexual roles, Kenneth Weyerhaeuser, Cory Cummings, and Scott Magnum.

Directed by Jerry Douglas.

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