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Boytoon Adventures is the first Class Comics Trade Paperback! It's 90 pages of your favorite Class Comics Boytoons in hot man on man action, and in a wicked, streamlined style! Don't be fooled. Just because the art is slightly different from what you're used to from me, I believe it still has the same sexiness you've come to expect. Every story is carefully crafted to fit into the character's existing story arcs. In fact, some of these tales will completely change their protagonists' lives forever.

I was reading some of my Star Wars Clone Wars Adventures digests, and it occurred to me how cutting edge and sleek the style of those comics are. So I decided to try my hand at it... or my version at least. Fraser and I loved the results so much in fact, that we began making plans for an entire Trade Paperback! So as to not confuse folks, I decided to use a public pen name for my work on Boytoon Adventures. That's when "Bryce Peters" was born. Why Bryce Peters you ask? Way back at the start of my career as an artist of gay male erotic comics, I seriously considered using a pen name. Bryce Peters was the name I came up with. Obviously, I didn't end up using a pen name for my art back then... but for the Boytoon Adventures stuff, it seemed like a fun and appropriate alias!

The really great thing about Boytoon Adventures is that for me as an artist, it is a liberating change of pace. My usual style is so precise and painstaking, and this new way of drawing is a little more carefree and loose. Suffice it to say that this has come at a great point in my life. I've been feeling the need for a little freshness in my art, and Boytoon Adventures is really providing that! This book is the result of a little art experiment that has left me feeling incredibly free and creative.

Patrick Fillion AKA Bryce Peters

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