[[email protected]] GV-RML1001 Lehman's Love File 3 Yuto Kasai x Masato Sakamoto

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Masato who came on a business trip with senior Yuto, when he arrived at the hotel where he was staying and became alone in the room, he hid that he was gay, but he could not stand it and masturbated while smelling his senior's underwear Masato keeps masturbating crazy without noticing that his senior has returned !! When he thinks he gets angry, senior Yuto pushes Masato's face into his crotch and forces a blowjob !! No way senior? !! Senior who sucks his toes over the business trip !! The hole is loosened and the senior enters the ass hole !! Big !! The voice gradually changes to panting while enduring the oppressive feeling of senior's big dick Coming !! Makoto is screaming with pleasure when she is violently stabbed by senior Yuto's masturbation !!
2021-11-11 12:52:43
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