♺ Breederfuckers - Martin (2013) Parts 1-5

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Session 1: (Duration 23:25)

Tied and ball-gagged, nipples clamped, taught to follow his new master's lead, arse exposed and fingered, legs shackled, flogged, fucked with a dildo on a stick

Schoolboy Martin wanders into a studio uninvited looking for information to help him with his class project. Sweet and naïve he expects to be given whatever he needs. He has no idea what sort of seedy perverted activities take place here. It's all a fun joke until he's shown a demonstration which goes too far. When he's bound, cuffed and gagged there's no stopping Adrian from routing under his neatly pressed school uniform to painfully twist his nipples. He attaches a pair of clamps to the boy's tender nips and teaches him to follow his command. With a slight downward tug he can make this boy bend over so he can feel up his tight arse cheeks. He whips his trousers and white pants down to expose his arsehole. He seizes control of the lad and greedily tugs on Martin's long floppy cock.

While his eyes are covered Dave sneaks in to attach shackles to Martin's ankles severely restricting his movement. The stricken boy is ordered to strip himself or receive a lashing. When the spoiled brat fails to comply he's given a punishment far worse than any detention he's received. He's bent over so his virgin bum is in the air and Adrian rams a thick dildo up his hole making Martin moan piteously. With the pole fixed against the wall Martin can't move or stop his arse from being stretched wide open.

Session 2: (Duration 17:58

Bound and gagged, stripped down and fondled, nipples clamped, made to debase himself like a cheap whore, arse flogged, arsehole fingered, filled with a buttplug, spanked with a riding crop, cock and balls tied, arse paddled.

Innocent young Martin is strung up by his arms in his pure white skivvies. He thinks he’s found a friend to release him when Dave enters, but the perverted man can’t stop himself from enjoying Martin’s slender muscular body, weight package and tight arsehole. Martin moans piteously as his healthy fit body is mauled by a pair of rough male hands. He sucks on Martin’s nipples tenderizing them till they are slick pink pinpricks and then attaches cruel metal clamps attached by a chain. Now he can hold the chain and coax Martin to grind his smooth bare arse against Dave’s crotch like a whore. When he fails to fully satisfy his arse is given a lashing to make his soft smooth cheeks blaze red.

Dave slides his finger up the boy’s rectum to open him up and then inserts a buttplug. Martin moans in agony as Dave inserts a finger up his arse to push him up on his tiptoes and lead him around like a puppet. His arse is given a vicious paddling till it’s black and blue.

Session 3: (Duration 13:16)

Tied and shackled, cock teased till he's aching hard, bare-handed spanking, arse caned and flogged, nipples pegged, arsehole viciously fingered and filled with a dildo, dick stimulated with a vibrator

Martin has taken a good hiding so that his tight peach arse cheeks are now bruised and branded red. He's bound on his front with his legs akimbo so his sore cheeks are nicely displayed. When his exposed cock is toyed with his cock grows hot and stiff revealing how this innocent straight boy has learned he's turned on by S&M. It disgusts this lad that he'd be turned on by the perverted behaviour of these vicious men, but bound with his most sensitive parts exposed to their stimulating powers he can't stop himself growing erect. He's served a devilish mixture of pleasure and pain to keep the boy on edge. The surprise and aching mixed sensations register on his face as he moans with drool dribbling down his chin.

Adrian gradually ramps up the intensity shoving a dildo on a stick up his tight wet hole, whacking his arse with a mean leather belt and then stimulating the end of his cock with a vibrator. The heady mixture drives Martin's senses into a frenzy until he can't help but release all his pent up sperm in a giant outburst. 

Session 4: (Duration 15:11)

Tied to spanking bench, sore arse exposed, taught to suck cock, foreskin clamped, anus fingered, fucked with a power tool dildo, lashed with a riding crop until he deep throats dick, bare-handed spanking, bright red bum fucked, spit roasted, arsehole covered in cum

Martin is being introduced to a wealth of new knowledge as his sensitive smooth body is subjected to intense sensations he's never experienced before while he's strapped down and fully exposed. Presented with a stiff cock in front of his face he's given a lesson in how to pleasure a man like a real submissive bitch. He must worship the plump cock head with the very tip of his tongue. Gradually he rolls his tongue all over the shaft as if it were a lolly. His sweet lips lock over the shiny cock head. At the same time his arse is worked on by Dave who pries his hole open and fucks him hard with a big dildo.

He moans piteously as his bum is plundered mercilessly and his mouth is invaded by the insistent hard dick. Now that his arsehole is opened wide he's ready to receive a real cock inserted in his arse. Tears roll down his cheeks as his cherry is popped by the perverted man riding his back. The power of each thrust pushes his head down onto Dave's cock. Martin learns his place is now to sexually service men in the way they require.

Session 5: (Duration 12:17)

Clamped in iron stockade, made to suck cock, flogged till his back blisters red, fucked in the arse, vigorously wanked off, mouth filled with sperm, bathed in piss.

Smooth-bodied Martin is so sweet and innocent looking that we can't resist wanting to defile him. With his arms locked at his sides he is helpless to stop the man coming towards him with his big erect cock needing to be sucked. It's shoved down his throat while he can't stop himself choking on it. His mouth is fucked till all the juice rises up from the back of his throat to lube up Dave's cock. He's not able to satisfy this man's sexual demands the way he should so a lash is taken to his back and arse. He's given a beating until his back is throbbing and red at which point Dave inserts his dick up his arse fucking him hard.

At the same time he reaches around squeezing and stroking Martin's cock with such demand the lad can't stop himself growing erect and spilling his semen. Dave lowers Martin down and deposits a fresh load of his own spunk into his mouth making sure the boy swallows every drop. To cool him down he bathes him in a shower of his own stinking piss. Shaming and humbling straight boys like this should be a daily routine. 

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