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Ein sehr alter Film mit den geilsten Fistern der frühen Gay Porno Geschichte.

Die Löcher werden erbarmungslos gestopft und wenn das Feeling nicht reicht, wird die Faust halt noch mit nem Gürtel umwickelt.

Tiefer gehts nicht mehr, bis weit über den Ellenbogen.

1. The Crisco Kid - 1975
Tom discovers he is out of Crisco and calls the grocer. When Ken arrives, Tom discovers his blue bandana and after a little sucking and fucking, Tom is ready for Ken's very obliging fist. Then Jerry arrives expecting dinner but finds something better on Ken's other fist.

2. Brutal Birthday - 1975
Tom's birthday gift for his buddy, Ken, is a new slave. Grant is strung-up and waiting Ken's pleasure with a burning birthday candle stuck in his cock. Ken and Tom proceed to give Grant the punishment he so richly desires�including water sports and a fucking scene with a riding crop and Ken's fat nine-inch cock.

3. The Sling (knf) - 1975
Tom is hanging his new fishing sling when Chuck arrives to help give it a test. Strapping Chuck into position, Tom discovers the sling works just fine and Chuck gets some double fisting. Jerry drops by and Tom quickly improves a double sling and give them both a workout.

4. Defiled Fascist - 1975
As Clint is reading a book on Nazi Sadism, he daydreams that he is being tortured by a Nazi Brownshirt. Suddenly a Master appears to rescue him. Together they subdue the Nazi, subjecting him to various tortures and sexual punishments.

5. Depth Charge - 1975
Paul is in the middle of his daily workout when Duane brings him a beer. The sight of Paul's gorgeous ass is too much for Duane and they are shortly fisting one another. Ken wanders in to see what's happening and he too gets into the action, Fisting them to fulfillment.

6. A Hard Lesson (BobAnthony) - 1975
Before leaving, the Master give his slave instructions. As the slave reads over this list the phone man arrives to install a new phone. Never one to let opportunity escape, the phone man begins to work the slave over. Returning for his gloves, the Master is furious to discover someone at play with his slave. He subdues them and give them both a cruel, hard lesson.
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