Preppy Boys

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DescriptionDirector - Mark Montana

Danny Verrick
Erick Leony
Gabriel Samyer
Guto Santer
Higor Black
Juan Squira
Luiggi Knowles
Yago Ribeiro
Iran Lousada

1. Luiggi Knowles & Yago Ribeiro
In a kind of bar/restaurant space with white walls, a white corrugated
ceiling, and gray trim around the windows, 
Luiggi Knowles (pale, younger, reddish brown hair, yellow shirt,
faded cutoff jeans) sucks Yago Ribeiro (darker, older, brunet,
hair cut close, studded belt)  against the side of a brown table;
Yago tops Luiggi in a couple of positions.

2. Danny Verrick & Erick Leony
On the grass, behind a brick house with white windows, 
Danny Verrick (black shirt, no tattoos) sucks Erick Leony
(slim, mustache, line of beard, neck chain, big tattoos on left arm,
squiggly tattoo on right shoulder, yellow briefs);
Erick tops Danny standing and sitting.

3. Guto Santer & Iran Lousada
At the back of a wooden house with boards painted black,
windows and trim in white, red tile roof, Guto Santos
(stick-out ears, line of beard, tattoo on upper left arm,
green shirt, blue plaid bermudas, red shoes) sucks Iran Lousada
(hair blondish in front, large scorpion tattoo on right side,
red bermudas with white leaf pattern) on the patio;
Iran sucks and tops Guto over some white lawn furniture;
Guto tops Iran.

4. Luiggi Knowles & Juan Squira
At the foot of a flight of gray fieldstone steps, under overarching
greenery, Luiggi Knowles (pale, red shirt, faded cutoff jeans, brown hair,
neck chain) sucks Juan Squira (dark, blue baseball cap, gray shirt,
black trousers,  red briefs); Juan tops Luiggi.

5. Gabriel Samyer & Higor Black
On a peach bed with white pillows and a headboard of blond and
brown slats, against a red wall with a 2-panel abstract picture,
Higor Black (very dark, slim, black hair cut close, neck chain)
is sucked by and then tops Gabriel Samyer
(pale, thick brown hair combed up, owl tattoo on upper right arm).

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