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Sgt. Swann's Private Files

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This video is reproduced from VHS format

Studio: Seabag Productions
Distributor: Pleasure Productions
Released: 1985
Length: 90 mins
Director: Chris Stevens
Cast: Glenn Swann, Rick Donovan, Scott O'Hare, Ed Jerome & Troy

San Diego, California has the largest concentration of military might in the Western hemisphere.
Thousands of marines and sailors call San Diego home while on their tour of duy.
Working as a Drill Instructor, SGT Glenn Swann has many experiences with marines and while
off duty has more than his share of contact with sailors.
In his Private Files, Swann relates a few of his fantasies including:

- Individual instruction for his hot aide and attendant, Scott O'hara.

- R&R with his personal friend Rick Donovan and his partner Ed Jerome.

- A thorough workout whith his buddy Troy.

- A climatic scene with a barracks full of hot marines.

Despite its historic standing, Sgt Swann's Private Files can actually be a bit tepid at points;
poor lighting, grainy video quality and a musical score that often overlays any noises the
performers are making. What those of us in the digital age must respect, however,
is that all of these technical issues are pretty much evident in almost any classic porn,
gay or straight, that has been transferred from celluloid film to a digital format.
So a judgment must rely on the performances; most disappointingly, Sgt. Swann isn't really hard
in the film until right before the popshot. Now, granted, we've all been there, y'know, had those
"This has never happened to me before!" moments, but sad to say, we do elevate our porn stars
to a slightly higher standard of sexual performance (sorry, porn stars -- no pressure)
than we would, say, a trick or a lover.
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