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Dragonfly notes:

This must be the first release credited to Vlado Iresh, which has no credits at all except the opening title card. The episodes play more like online episodes with the camera man/director talking to the models. The voice we hear is the same as in the POV shots from OFFSIDE! Why the interviews are conducted in English when actually neither of the guys can speak proper English remains a mystery and makes those parts nearly unwatchable or a hoot . Depends on the mood. It is really refreshing to watch Robin Snoyer in episode two flatly ignoring the camera man's/director's English questions and answering them quite naturally in his native Czech, which then gets clumsily translated into some kind of English. Another odd thing for a Vlado Iresch film is the striking continuity error at the end when Paul Blow's partner in episode 5 is introduced as a novice having his first appearance in front of a camera when we have already seen him in episode 4. The episodes are not connected so this makes for odd viewing and leaves me doubting if this is really a Vlado Iresch movie and not one directed by some employee.
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