Aidan Anthony & Henri Michaels RAW (720 P)

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I mentioned Aidan's boyfriend Henri was watching while he fucked Wren. And then Aidan watched while Henri did his solo.

It got them both totally horned up and ready to fuck. They held out until the next morning when we filmed this. Needless to say, they were both ready to fuck!

With most boyfriends, I let them do their own thing, though with Aidan, he pretty much knew what we needed to see, and 'directed' Henri in bed.

Henri claimed he was a Power Bottom, and he was not lying! He works Aidan's cock like the piggy Bottom he is.

My favorite from this video is a very simple element. Watching two ginger-bearded guys making out!

Watching these two is like watching two professional dancers who know each other's moves.

Aidan fucks the cum out of Henri while he is doggie-style, with cum spraying out of his pierced cock. Aidan then juices his hole.

Henri then licks the cum from his cock and then shares the load with a passionate kiss!

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