Raunchy Home Movies Military Style Film 3 by The Body Shoppe

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Description~2 hours; ripped from DVD at best quality.

From the cover: Just a few blocks away from the main gate at Camp Pendleton in California is a small house stocked with cold beer and hot porno! Add hot sexy - and always horny - boot marines growing into their manhood and you have men waiting to explore raw amateur sex! Enjoy!
You like horny military meat? Well...Get a Marine horny enough and he'll show you a pulsating cock underneath his skin tight jeans. What Marine could turn down a place to get all of the free beer and porno he can handle? Raw amateur sex awaits you at the Porno House two blocks from the base!

Ren, Stripper, Mitch, Kai, Duke, Quinn, Boston, Austin, Wyatt, Sisko
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