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Original upload: 2014-06-15 |
DamonDoggXXX - A Fuck by Buck

"Made a new friend the other day, one real masculine cowboy named Buck.

When he came over I was all geared up in my western cowpoke wares for him.

As I went down on his Texas-sized-Trouser-snake, I came to the conclusion that cocksucking and cowboy hats don't mix...

And I spent so much time searching for that hat so I could wear it for this scene.

Oh well, at least I thought to put the hat back on right before he stuck his beer can size cock in my ass.

While he fucked me, he did something which I love, he lit me a cigarette so that I could smoke while he continued fucking my ass. I had just barely finished the cigarette when he said to me "You want this load?" and then shot a gallon of cowboy-spunk way up in me.

Buck was a great fuck and I think now I may have a cowboy fetish."
2021-11-27 00:14:32
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