UK Naked Men - Getting Ahead in Business - Bonus Pool, Darren Robbins, Dillon Buck, Marco, Jed Wilcox, Kurt Rogers, Lucas Knowles, Ross Hurston, Toby Park

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Duration: 31 min 13 sec min | Released: December 29, 2007
DI Sweeney is back and this time he takes on Ross Hurston. The long arm (and even longer cock) of the law chases down his man in the pouring rain. The men are drenched through their suits until they're ripping sodden clothes off each other to get naked. Ross offers up his tender hole and they get down and dirty like dogs. The rain stops, but Ross drenches his captor's feet with hot jets of man cum.

Cast: Ross Hurston, Dillon Buck

Duration: 31:56 min | Released: February 9, 2008
Once more into the darkness, as a hot, naked, submissive man is stripped, blindfolded and restrained by muscle stud Lucas Lions. Darren willingly surrenders himself to Lucas' strong fingers, cruel instruments and fat uncut cock. His arse is banged mercilessly, as Lucas burys himself, bollocks-deep in Darren's dripping hole, plunging deeper with each thrust, before unleashing the load over his sweaty abs.

Cast: Lucas Knowles, Darren Robbins

Duration: 29 min 0 sec min | Released: December 17, 2007
So that's it, we're leaving the old UK Naked Men office and moving to new premises. We've seen some changes these past two years. People come and go and we've seen some characters. There was Marco. He told us he was straight - yeah right. For a so-called straight man, he'd flirt with every guy who came in. Till he met his match. Tim grabbed hold of Marco and... Well let's see...

Cast: Marco, Bonus Pool

Duration: 22:40 min | Released: December 31, 2008
Warehouse manager Jed's checking the goods on the shelves when he discovers trainee Toby stroking his fat dick to a jizz mag. Checking the goods in Toby's hand, Jed decides against instant dismissal and opts for some staff training instead. Lesson one is how to take the boss's uncut cock down your throat and how to count the thrusts as he's pounding your arse, ramming his length inside your tight hole, his balls slapping against yours. Lesson two is how the boss's hot spunk feels as he empties his sack onto you, and how he likes you to play with his cum. Good thing Toby's a quick learner or he'd be out of a job. In fact if he carries on performing like this he could find himself up for promotion!

Cast: Jed Wilcox, Toby Park

Duration: 30 min 27 sec min | Released: March 7, 2009
Kurt's manning the reception desk at UKNM Towers when courier Ross Hurston arrives bearing a package which needs the boss's special attention. The boss can't get back to the office for a while, it's almost lunchtime and Kurt likes the look of Ross in his bike leathers, so he locks up and whilst they're waiting for the boss's return, he gives Ross some very special attention, showing the courier his own spectacular package and delivering it right where it's needed most.Kurt's hungry, animalistic passion meets Ross in full, aggressive power-bottom mode and the noise level rises as the pace and intensity quickens, the sparks fly and they're soon rattling the furniture with their intense pounding. A sweaty, noisy, messy and truly explosive climax is delivered - and devoured. Kurt and Ross are the dream package and here they deliver - first class.

Cast: Ross Hurston, Kurt Rogers
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