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Kid Karisma vs Brad Barnes

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DescriptionKid K snaps at the new guy, Brad Barnes. Brad's face is expressionless as Karisma swaggers to the ring. He may well be stunned into silence. Like nobody since the salad days of Mikey Vee, Kid Karisma takes command of the BG East ring. It's his turf, and to see him occupy the ring center, shoulders thrust back and an indignant scowl on his face, you could almost believe he was born and raised here. Wrestlers who have faced him in the ring feel like they have just swan-dived into a pool of piranha by mistake. Karisma wears his opponents (some say "victims") down, pound by pound, and then uses them for lounge chairs and footstools as he imperially lords over the squared circle, his personal property by right of conquest. Nobody, with the exception of Jonny Firestorm and The Boss himself, is as territorial about "his" ring as is Kid K.

Brad turns to the mirror, ignoring Karisma. Karisma looks the guy up and down and asks, "You gonna flex for me a little bit?" Brad smirks and gives the lighter wrestler's muscular physique a half-second inspection. "Hell no," he says, haughtily. "You don't deserve this." Wait just a minute. Has Brad Barnes SEEN Kid Karisma tear up an opponent? Has Brad Barnes won ANY of his matches against Lane Hartley, Tatum Riggs, or Chace LaChance? On what basis can Brad Barnes say "Hell NO" to Kid Karisma? Sure, it's nice to know that Brad has picked up a little sass over his first three matches at BGE, but demanding that Kid K prove he DESERVES a private modeling session is pretty much like announcing you want people to start calling you "Shark Chum."

The miracle is that Karisma does not strike immediately. Oh, he's definitely amused and clearly intrigued, not to say salivating as he inspects the magnificent physique of Body Beautiful Barnes. For the moment, though, he masks his interest - and his strategy - by flexing his own finely crafted and BG East Award winning muscle. He looks over Brad's monumental physique with a critical eye and sings the virtues of cardio training. Practically with an "Asking For It" sign hanging over his head, Brad then asks, "Where's the muscles, bro?" Karisma arches an eyebrow and starts poking and prodding Brad's massive pec like a meat inspector. Not liking his personal space invaded and not yet realizing he currently occupies Kid K's space, Brad locks up collar and elbow with his opponent. It's on. And it's a safe assumption that we have now seen the last of Brad Barnes' sass.

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