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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2009-08-14 |
This classic provides exciting gritty sex action. A young lean stud contorts himself like a pretzel to nibble on his dick like a trout, then shoots a creamy load into his mouth. Most auto-fella-tors (self suckers, duh!) have dicks big enough to meet them half way, but this guy, with his hefty six incher, has to scrunch the extra mile.

Next a hot bed-bouncing duo ass-lick, sock suck, 69, and do some acrobatic butt fucking before Scorpio takes turns fucking the two horny dudes while they suck each other's cock. With his lean rippling stomach, long dimpled ass, and huge tapering cock, Scorpio is a primo porn star, 70's-style. In the next segment, a macho construction worker gets his erection serviced by a bandanna'd black man and denim-clad bearded punk. This trio is joined by another construction dude, and the servicing pair swap off sucking his cock while his co-worker plays with his tits. The sweating studs pull their meat, spurting in the faces and mouths of the kneeling pud-eaters.

The grand finale is a five-man orgy called Cum In My Face. With a mostly attractive cast including Scorpio and an adorable curly-topped, horse-cocked unknown, this scene is a sizzling sexual smorgasbord, with a distinctly leather flavor. In the concluding scene, also featuring five horny hombres, Keith Anthoni takes turns servicing three dudes with his pouty lips while a black-booted blond gets his butt plugged by a donkey-donged black dude. Well-shot and boasting a great variety a down and dirty doin's is a fun nostalgia romp down the raunchy trail.

Starring Ron Pritchard, Scorpio, Bill Williams, Henri Pols, Trent Howard, Paolo Sebiani, Frank Leigh and Rance Prentice.

55 minutes, from 1986, 640x480 WMV3/WMA2

**NOTE: The quality of this is not the greatest, but I did re-encode after I captured, so fix those 6 pixels at the bottom of the frame that are so annoying on some older VHS captures. It's the best this one's ever gonna look, just saying so so that no one expects crystal clear picture, but as it is, that static, vintage look lends a vintage appeal, if you want to look at it that way. :-)
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