[Latinoguys] The Damien Roshenko Collection

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DescriptionThe Damien Roshenko Collection

Who doesn't love Damien Roshenko? Tall, slim, a bit thug-ish and enormous big dick and large balls. This guy started young, he taped his first vid (a 'flick' as he calls it) on his 18th birthday. He made these 'amateur-ish' vids for a year of two after which he disappeared for a couple or years (he started a family). Thank God he came back for us! His first new vid looks like the old ones, later he made some more different flicks in wich he gets sucked more and where he fucks some ass and even some pussy.

I've searched all corners of the Internet to give u the most complete Damnien Roshenko collection available on the Net. There is more content available, but only available for paying members...

I devided the vids in 2 sections: the Classics and the New. The Classics are of course his early work, mostly during the VHS-era. Thats why the quality of these vids is not super great (the content though is HOT!). The New vids are in way better quality (digital recorded, widescreen, no more amateur-ish look) and give u a very different content compared to his early works.

Hope y'all apreciate the effort.

01 DAMIEN ROSHENKO CLASSICS.mp4 (58 minutes)
First flick he made on his 18th birthday.
Undressing, he takes a shower, masturbates, gets masturbated by te camera-guy.

02 DAMIEN ROSHENKO CLASSICS.mp4 (40 minutes)
Second installment.
Wakes up, takes a piss, eats his breakfast, masturbates with wipped cream, takes a shower, gets sucked under the blanket.

03 DAMIEN ROSHENKO CLASSICS.mp4 (15 minutes)
Third installment. Undresses, masturbates, gets some help by the camera-guy, shows his ass(hole) and selfsucks his big cock.

04 DAMIEN ROSHENKO CLASSICS.mp4 (09 minutes)
Fourth installment. Undresses, mastubates, puts a sock and a condom on his dick. A bit boring all... Dont think that this is the complete vid, but I couldnt find more of it.

05 DAMIEN ROSHENKO CLASSICS.mp4 (41 minutes)
Fifth installment. Damien comes back from his work at a car dealer, undresses, some cock-worshipping, gets some help from the camera-guy and finally some auto-felatio.

06 DAMIEN ROSHENKO CLASSICS.mp4 (05 minutes)
Not sure if this is the sixth or whatever installment, but he cant be older then 18 or 19 in this vid.
Not much happening. A bit of masturbation and he shows his ass.

07 DAMIEN ROSHENKO CLASSICS.mp4 (09 minutes)
First vid where he gets sucked! It start as an add for his cock, apparently he also worked as a gigolo? Short vid but hot!

08 DAMIEN ROSHENKO CLASSICS.mp4 (59 minutes)
Comming back from college to Tenesse to make this vid. Long vid with a lot of cock-whorshipping. Also hot when he fucks an inflatable doll.

09 DAMIEN ROSHENKO CLASSICS.mp4 (55 minutes)
Damien gets sucked while on the phone with his friends.

01 RE-INTRODUCING DAMIEN.mp4 (40 minutes)
First flick after he has been gone for a while, apparently he started a family. Solo vid in wich he shows us his big cock. Lots of cock-worshipping. He undresses, takes a piss, masturbates in different positions, cumms and takes a shower.

02 DAMIEN SOLO.mp4 (10 minutes)
Solo vid.

03 DAMIEN SOLO.mp4 (35 minutes)
Solo vid. Next to masturbation some smoking and feet-fetish stuff.

04 SEDUCING DAMIEN.mp4 (26 minutes)
Continuation off the former vid. Damien gets his enormous cock sucked. Some smoking at the end.

05 THE DAMIEN TAPES INTRO.mp4 (2 minutes)
Intro for the Damien Tapes. No dick, no sex.

06 THE DAMIEN TAPES (1, 2 & 3) (182 minutes)
Loooooong flick. :-) Damien Roshenko & Skippy Prince are beeing served by Cobra. Lots of sucking, some fucking, loads of cock-worshipping.

07 SIMON MEETS DAMIEN.mp4 (38 minutes)
Damien gets serviced by Simon Splendid. Mostly sucking, no fucking.

08 WORSHIPPING DAMIEN.mp4 (18 minutes)
The title says it all... Unknown guy sucks Damien and gives him a ball-work out.

09 BI CURIOUS DAMIEN.mp4 (38 minutes)
Damien Roshenko and Skippy Prince get their dicks serviced by a guy and a (fat) girl. Lots of sucking by girl and boy, some fucking of the girl.

10 DAMIEN MAKES A BABY.mp4 (42 minutes)
The only 'straight' flick. Well... straight? The girl is fat and not so atractive by normal standards and the focus is completely on Damien and his enormous cock. He fucks her mouth as well as her pussy. Hot big-cock-action!!

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