BelAmi - Fountains of cum, Messy Endings and Waking up Gino

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DescriptionFountains of cum

On first review we were thinking of titling this clip ‘Fountains of Cum’, but then decided not to get you all too worked up before seeing the clip. Jim Kerouac is back today in a scene with athletic and handsome Marc Ruffalo. We can always count on both of these boys gicing us their everything in any scene, so when paired up together our expectations were quite high…. and neither boy disappoints. Marc Ruffalo is the first to shoot his load with Jim Kerouac’s big dick still buried deep inside, and Jim is not far behind him, being pushed over the edge by seeing his partner hoot his load up and all over his belly.

Messy Endings

Sometimes there is nothing better to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon than to sit outside and read your favoourite book, other times there are much more interesting things to do, as Joel finds out in today's scene with Colin Hewitt.
This scene predates Joel's appearance in Scandal in the vatican by quite a bit, and his performance is not quite as self assured as it becomes in later scenes, but he still seems to satisfy Colin in every manner.

Waking up Gino

I am sure that there are more than just a few of us who would like to be woken up by Arne, and probably a few more that would like to be waking up Gino for a round of morning love making. While a lot of our new boys are all very tall, both Gino Mosca and Arne Coen would qualify for the title of ‘Pocket Rockets’ and make for an ideal pairing. Although the size reference is purely comparative as both boys are around 5’6  .
Gino Mosca today is wearing on his shoulder the remnants of sporting mishap, although it does not seem to hinder him in any way.

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