Bel Ami Personal Trainers 3

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DescriptionWelcome back to Bel AmiÂ’s School for Boys. Where the three RÂ’s stand for rim-jobs, ramming and ready-for-action. Or maybe riding the rectums of ring-pirates!

For those not in the loop, graduates of the never-ending 101 Men audition tapes get a “training session” with professional performers who show them how to suck, rim and get fucked in true porno-style. These sessions were once private, but producer Duroy decided to let director Stevens pick up a camera and provide us with a peek.

Brilliant new idea to give the industry a much needed shot in the arm, or yet another make-a-quick-buck ploy? Actually, I think itÂ’s the former. The standard is high, the sex always fun (and hotter than the surface of the sun). And the guys? Woof! Who wouldnÂ’t want to put them through their paces?

Three session per title lead to an extended running time as a lot of unnecessary footage is left in, including the director’s slightly passion-killing orders, but that’s what makes these “documentaries” all the more fun and realistic.

Sulik continues in the teacher role heÂ’s been constantly good in (albeit slightly cunty to the performers) and is joined by Daniels (Flings) as they teach everything they know to enthusiastic learner Connery, a muscular former go-go boy. (You mean at twenty-five theyÂ’re washed up? Ow. Showbiz can be cruel!) He first graced our screen as Martin in the ninth volume of the 101 Men series.

Enjoy the pre-show camaraderie before ConneryÂ’s flexing and posing conversation leads to some honest and sensitive comments that show heÂ’s actually quite astute and smart, using his exhibitionism as a mask for his shyness. But before we can all fall for this beautiful sad-eyed painting along come SulikÂ’s cock to plug his mouth, which is a slight Godsend because weÂ’re already fifteen minutes in. They embark on a kiss, suck and rim session, the eager student needing nothing more than a refresher course.

Daniels has been filming their passion, finally getting a chance to join the horny duo as he dives straight in and creates an oral three-way. Pretty soon our carnal cadet is spit-roasted, his ass receiving the entire length of SulikÂ’s stick. The sweat drips off our horny guys until Connery gets his graduation gift of a facial cum-shower.

Pornmakers dream of unexpected performers so when Andrews auditioned for Part Five (as Ota) Bel Ami must have done something pretty outstanding to deserve such karmic good fortune! IÂ’m raising a cynical eyebrow when IÂ’m told this is the twenty-year oldÂ’s first time with a guy because heÂ’s capable of things my two decades of practice still wonÂ’t allow. Bonnet gives the jittery new guy a pep talk (no need to film the douche explanation, surely?) before showing him how to use a buttplug. (What, you mean some people need an instruction booklet to shove something up their ass?)

Once prepped, Sulik is let loose on him and everyone provides encouragement as Andrews learns to suck and rim before Bonnet joins in and lets the student practice sucking two at once. Get ready though, because once that virgin sphincter is cherry-popped, its epiphany time and he canÂ’t get enough - taking one after the other in masses of different position. But the highlight comes as the horny tutors manage to get both their massive tools up him together, double-penetrating the youngsterÂ’s catflap not once, but twice. And he doesnÂ’t yell out once - nor does he look drunk.

From out of nowhere Bogdanovich (Julo in 101 Men Part Five) appears and sends Andrews scurrying from the bed never to return. Taking over, he does a great job, but sadly doesnÂ’t posses the anal capacity of his predecessor (but the average elephant doesnÂ’t either). But he sure can suck, causing the guys to work harder and harder to make it look like they know better than him. As usual Sulik leads the topping lesson, looking great as he pumps away, providing a spooge spray so large no-one else gets the chance.

From the tenth tape is Roman (nee Aubrey), who gets shown the ropes by Sulik, whilst visiting Armanis gets to film the action. The guy is muscular, sexy and smart, taking a shower before hitting the boudoir and frenching Sulik with a passion before performing the sort of oral we can only dream of! Wonderful sexual athletics commence, at times romantic and slow, other times frenetic and adventurous. Our newcomer makes Personal Trainer history by being the first to fuck the usually active Sulik in a sweat-soaked noisy session that eventually becomes a flip-flop. Poor Armanis is way too underused, receiving just a quick blow-job before all three shoot their loads.

SchoolÂ’s out for another day as they hit the showers, and weÂ’ll see if we gaze upon any of the new kids on the cock-blockÂ’s faces again. Andrews and his amazing ever-expanding ass should become stars, and if Bel Ami donÂ’t snap him up, "RipleyÂ’s Believe it or Not" should get him under exclusive contract; his abilities even stunned the normally barking director Stevens into total silence.

Wonderful! This collection keeps getting better and better, and youÂ’ll be glad to learn there are many more return trips to Porn Academy ahead of us.
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