CMNM - Chris (Parts 1, 2 & 3)

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Like Chris strut around the streets like they own the place. He steals what he likes and teases us with his trousers hanging low showing off his arse. It’s time we took action and the dominant clothed men at start by cornering Chris in the locker room and conducting a thorough strip search to see if he’s stolen from Dave.
Having only recently become a legal adult, Chris doesn’t want a mark on his police record so reluctantly submits to having his cock, balls and asshole examined.
The cheeky bastard talks back to the men who’ve surrounded him so they have to give him a firm lesson in how to submit to his superiors by using his pert hairy ass for ther their perverted pleasure. This naughty naked boy is fully trained in how to please a group of clothed dominant men.
2020-09-13 23:57:22
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